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Having worked for some of Australia’s most popular beauty websites in her career, and now one-half of the dynamic You Beauty podcast; Kelly knows her shit when it comes to what products are worth your coin. We got her to trawl through the Showpo beauty closet and pick her 7 fave products currently online.

Jeffree Star Skin Frost Pro Palette

Ok, so I want to preface this with stating that I do not like ALL of Jeffree Star’s highlight products. Just the pro palettes. I find the original Skin Frost too chunky, the Liquid Frost too shiny, and the Supreme Frost too glittery. But enough about what I don’t like. What I DO like are the pro palettes; each com[prosining of 6 highlight shades, the consistency and texture is far more creamy and blendable than their sad brother and sisters. The shades are all pigmented AF and every dang time I wear one (or sometimes I just use a few), I get asked what highlight I have on. Bright enough for my younger girls who want to glow like a diamond and creamy enough for my older gals who don’t want no glitter in their fine lines. Ya hear me?

MCo Beauty Facial & Brow Razor

I do not have a beard. Nor do I have a moustache. I am actually very fair. But my god do I love shaving my face. Generally thought to be a big no-no, lest your facial hair grows back darker and thicker – this has long ago been proven to be an old wives tale and physically impossible due to our genes and hormones. The hair is simply being cut, it’s not getting pulled from the root. Basically, face shaving gets rid of all the ‘peach fuzz’ on your face that tends to be extra visible when your face hits sunlight with makeup on. It’s also super exfoliating and gets rid of heaps of the dead skin cells and old gunk from your face. It’s actually kinda gross/cool what you’ll get off your skin.

Showpo Makeup Brush Set

My fail-safe gift when I have no idea WTF to get a gal pal. The 25-piece set is SUCH good quality and has every tool you could hope for. Watch our video here for a full run-down of each brush and what they do.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 

I’m a blonde (yes that’s me in the main image, being my silly self) and although I get regular colour treatments done at the hairdresser, my hair consistently starts throwing orange and yellow hues halfway between each appointment. And that ain’t a good look on me. This purple shampoo is one of the best I’ve tried and doesn’t leave a purple tinge on your face or in your hair which some others on the market do. Plus, the bottle lasts for YONKS.

MCo Beauty More Brows

So I’m super obsessed with the Boy Brow by Glossier, but being based in Australia, it’s only possible to get on a US jaunt. Well, welcome to the dupe of all dupes because this bad boy is less than half the price and does exactly the same thing. Perfect for gals who don’t want too bold a brow or to use to get them to stay put, it’s one hell of a brow gel if I’ve ever met one.

B.Tan Self Tan Mousse

I was so hesitant to try this tan, mainly because I’d never heard of it. But after trying it just once, it was put at the front of my tan shelf thanks to the creamy and natural looking tan I ended up with. The main thing I noticed was different about this formula was how smooth it was to apply; it was almost like applying moisturiser, that’s how blendable it was. If you’re new to self-tanning, check out my tutorial with all the tips and tricks you could hope for.

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