How I Survived Coachella 2019

Coachella, when the entire world of social media congregates to the desert, taking sun-drenched snaps in an assortment of OTT festival outfits in front of a very famous ferris wheel. Coachella might look glamorous on the ‘gram but look closely and you’ll see physical evidence that rebukes this completely.

Look closely and you’ll see everyone blowing chunks of dust and blood out of their nose, not because they’ve been enjoying nose candy but because the air is SO dry and the dust situation is SO real, it’s inevitable. You’ll see even the supermodels are suffering from congestion and dry skin, red eyes and not just from the plumes of smoke everywhere you walk, being it’s a weed-friendly state. There’s sunburn, dehydration, flaky tans and dry AF hair. Hot huh?

If you’re planning on going to Coachella (or any festival really) keep reading as these are the 37 products we all used (6 girls, 2 bathrooms = sharing is caring) to keep us looking somewhat glam…


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What an amazing experience it was to go to Coachella🎡 A BIG thank you goes out to @showpo for not only giving me the opportunity, but for also being inclusive and supporting body diversity🙌🏽 I hope it inspired some curvy girls out there to go to a crazy festival or event, get dressed up, wear what you like, be a reflection of your true self and not care about what anyone thinks! We all have the right to do that, and the reason I’m saying this is because I would sometimes not go to things because I didn’t feel comfortable in how I looked, or I couldn’t find anything to wear. Now that there are more options out there, step outside your boundaries, put on that extra af outfit you’ve always wanted to wear and HAVE FUN!!🙌🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ShowpoOnTour #Showpo #Coachella #bodydiversity #coachella2019 #chella #beautybeyondsize #loveyourbody #festival #festivalfashion #ootd #psootd #bodypositive #bopo

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Lack of sleep and huge days mean you have zero energy/time/interest in a big skincare regime. Clinique Makeup Remover Wipes and Biore Micellar Water got the day off, followed by these really cool Neutrogena Peel Pads you can annoyingly only buy in America.

We kept our skin hydrated with a morning shhhmmear of the Andalou Glow Mask and a nightly soak in Jojoba Oil, with a healthy topping of Lanolips on our lips.

I always break out after flights and couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d forgotten my usual pimple treatment. I found the Dermalogica Clear Start Pimple Treatment lurking in my beauty bag and it was a life(pimple) saver. A few drops on affected areas reduce inflammation drastically overnight. I also loved using the Olay Eye Treatment as it made my fine lines look plumper (very necessary when hanging around baby-faced models).

Also fangirled over the Elizabeth Arden Sheet Mask & Garnier Eye Masks – Spendy/Savey on the sheet masks! Although not designed to be used together, we all popped this duo on the night prior to Day 1 for optimally glowing and hydrated skin.


Like I mentioned, dry nostrils were a bane at Coachella so we loved sticking Body Shop Pure Shea Butter up the snoz for ultimate nostril hydration. Perfect for elbows, lips and ankles too – everywhere that was getting a bit crusty!

Nivea Face Sunscreen – Essential if you don’t want a tomato-hued noggin. Use this under makeup and it won’t seperate formulas. We all sprayed the Avène Body Sunscreen on our rigs each day too, as sunburn really wasn’t part of our inspo guide.

To get a natural bronze (see above, we’re sun-safe betches!) we loved using St. Tropez Ultra Dark and then Jergens Gradual Tan to keep the colour deep. The girls did not enjoy my lack of modesty as I scampered around the house butt-naked after tanning.

We took the mini bottles of O.P.I so we could change our fingernails and toenails to match our outfits each day (I know, so cute). The mini sizes are actually perfect for travelling as they’re light and don’t take up ample suitcase real estate.


Fudge Shampoo & Conditioner – We have a set for the blondes (ok, blonde – just me) and a set for the 5 brunettes. Glossy locks all round. We stupidly only packed one baby tube of John Frieda Frizz Ease, which was DEMOLISHED on our frizzy, thirsty locks (along with some delicious Sheamoisture) and went through several cans of Nioxin Dry Shampoo thanks to severe sweatiness. Scunci were bloody gems and hooked us up with all the bobby-pins, elastics and scrunchies a gal could ask for and we loved the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions – SO easy to use and you literally can’t see them. Just chuck your hair in a half-up bun, place halo around the scalp and at the front of your noggin and then let the top part out, that’s it!


Bobbi Brown Stay Matte Primer – I generally hate matte primers (matte anything really) but this is a great non-drying formula and the matte is essential for stay-all-day makeup.

We all used our fave foundations, applying with Beauty Blenders. Using a moist sponge to blend foundation really helps keep the look fresh when your skin is behaving like a naughty teenager. I find using a brush when your skin is dehydrated only amplifies areas of concern whereas the beauty blender creates a much more dewy finish. Top tip: use a setting spray or hydrating spray for added benefits (instead of water). I’m loving Morphe Setting Mist and Fresh Nutrition Spray.

We used and abused Kat-Von-D Lipstick and Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipstick cos’ they just stick around so damn long and we’re pretty bloody obsessed with the Revlon Insta-Sculpt Stick for contouring.1000 hour lashes were our go-to (we had to go pick up extra emergency packs from Walmart!) and between us we had about 15 eyeshadow palettes going!


Deserves it’s own category, okkkuurrrr. Obvs, fresh, dewy, glowing skin is in (and will forever be in if you ask me – just like skinny jeans, I DON’T CARE WHAT THE FARSHUN HATERS SAY). Anyway, these are my fave glow prods I used at Coachella:

Edible Beauty Oil – Few drops in my foundation for an optimal dewy finish with a mix of O Cosmedics Champagne Drops and Iconic London Illuminator Glow to turn up that highlight.

M.A.C Body Strobe Cream – Ugh this product is divine. If you love the original strobe, you’ll froth on this. We all rubbed this on the front of our legs, arms and décolletage for ultimate glow goals.


Earplugs – So dorky but if you’re planning on getting close to the stage, these can potentially help prevent permanent damage to your eardrums. PLUS, they’re good if you’re sharing a room (likely given the cost of Coachella accom) and perfect for the plane.

Eye Mask – You’ll need it for sleep-ins and the plane. I’ve been using the 100% silk masks for YONKS as they also help with creasing as your skin just slips on it rather than grabbing.

Eyedrops – You’ll need them, trust me.

Hydrodol – Pop a few of these bad boys or a sachet after a night out and wake up feeling fresher than expected.



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