GLAM-O-WEEN: Quick & Easy Unicorn Tutorial 🦄

Let your inner unicorn 'glitter' through...

I just typed ‘unicorn makeup tutorial’ into google and no joke, legit got 4.28 MILLION results. Safe to say that it’s pretty fucking popular to turn yourself into one of these magical creatures and for good reason. What’s not to love? Bright colours, glitter, more glitter and ALL OF THE GLITTER. But some of the tutorials are so bloody hard and require products you get from obscure special effects places in the middle of nowhere or questionable websites with 4-week shipping.

So I decided I’d turn myself into a unicorn as part of our 4-part ‘GLAM-O-WEEN’ series in the lead-up to Halloween (which happens to be one of my fave holidays purely because I love dressing up).  Have a peruse through your makeup kit, I’m sure you can find stuff to use, I’ve popped all products below but you can use a myriad of prodz, the options are endless! 🤗



SHOWPO duh 😝


The wig and horn are both from Costume Box – it’s a bit $$$ but everything is always good quality and they ship super fast.


Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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