Everything You Need To Know Before Cutting Your Hair

Change is as good as a holiday. So chopping off your hair is like a trip around the world then; it’s exciting and rejuvenating. Because it’s not just your aesthetic that’s getting an update, there’s something about going short that feels wholly liberating on the inside too. If you’re impulsive like me, most changes like this are planned overnight and you even attempt to get the job done by yourself in front of the mirror with a blunt pair of scissors (hopefully no one is like me!). Or if you’re smarter than me then it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while and you arrange a trusted hair stylist to do it. Whichever way the idea comes to fruition, here’s everything you need to know before cutting your hair short.

Lucky you, it’s on trend…

Messy lobs are taking a back seat this season and right now it’s all about the super straight or voluminous length that sits around the ears.

Sleep on it…

If the thought just occurred to cut your hair really short, wait until tomorrow if the thought is still there to make sure you don’t regret a spur of the moment decision. It’s also a good idea to make a folder of inspiration images (preferably of a celebrity that has a similar hair colour and face shape to you).

Don’t seek approval…

Especially from your boyfriend! Guys know jack all when it comes to what looks good. They default to liking long hair only. So don’t ask them for their opinion. Ask your hairdresser what she thinks if you need help deciding.

Choose an A++ stylist…

The best one in town you can afford is necessary for the first cut. A good hairdresser will know how short to cut your locks to suit your face (they should measure the distance between your ear and chin). Don’t ever play hero thinking you can do it yourself – if you butcher your hair, there’s no length left to camouflage a boo boo.

Welcome the 2.0 edition of yourself…

You’ll double take every time you pass your reflection with your new hair. You’ll probably be startled a few times but I guarantee more times than not you’ll be checking yourself out. And now that’s there no long mane to hide behind, you are accidentally on purpose more confident and oddly feeling sexier.

Every day is a good hair day…

Because you can no longer tie your hair up into a messy bun you’re forced to wear your hair out every single day. And thank god for that because instead of looking “last-minute” you will always look polished and cool.

You can still have fun…

Ok so you can’t do a pony’s or braids anymore, but you can still play around with half-up half-down hairstyles or experiment with texture or comb it back with gel.

Remember nothing lasts forever…

If you still can’t make up your mind whether to take the plunge, remember hair grows back if you absolutely hate it. So just do it and find out later 😉

Plus, you can always get extensions.

Jennifer Aitken. 

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