29 Of The Best Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

Honestly, beauty can be hard work – but some of us just don’t want to spend hours primping and preening. And there’s no need to say sorry for that. If you’re a lazy girl who wants to press snooze one more time (promise!), or squeeze in a nap before a night out, we’ve got you. These hacks will help you to get ready faster. It’s called being resourceful!



Run white or beige eyeliner along your waterline. This will brighten up your bloodshot eyes and hide the fact that you stayed up all night doing something… or someone.

Do you have blue eyes? Switch to brown mascara. It’ll soften your eyes and make those baby blues pop. If you’re tired, use brown eyeliner too – for some reason, it works with those delightful dark circles, not against them (unlike black eyeliner, which accentuates them).

Mix a drop of illuminator into your foundation. You know those girls with glowing skin? Sometimes it’s good genes, and sometimes it’s perfectly applied highlighter. For an all over pick-me-up, add a little sparkle to your foundation.

Mix it into your body moisturiser, too. Hello, summer!

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Use the straight edge of a card to create a cat-eye. Grab a business card, angle it next to your eye, and trace your eyeliner across the top. Voila: you just nailed your winged eyeliner.

And to stop mascara smudging. Place the card behind your upper lashes or underneath your lower lashes when you’re applying mascara. That way, you can work your wand down to the base of your lashes without worrying about leaving a mess.

Add moisturiser to your too-dark foundation. Thought you were tanned enough to buy your peak summer foundation? It happens. This hack will lighten it up.

Focus on your brows. They frame the face, and brushing them back/up and filling in any sparse areas with a brow pencil is the fastest way to look polished. If you’re feeling super lazy, tame your brows with a coat of clear mascara so they hold their shape, then go on with your day.

Buy a brush cleaner. Forget washing your makeup brushes and laying them lovingly on a towel to try. Whiz them clean with an electric brush cleaner. It’s worth every dollar.

Instead of slapping on a full face of foundation, spot conceal blemishes. If your skin is behaving, skip the foundation and spend a few seconds covering up any spots or redness.

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Turn your lipstick matte with translucent powder. To transform your shiny lippy into a matte one (a la Kylie), dip a brush in translucent powder and tap it onto your lips.

Warm up your mascara. Pop it into your bra for a few mins, and the warmth will make your lashes curl so much easier.

Choose two-in-one prods. Lazy girls, invest in prods that do double duty, like a lip and cheek tint and a BB cream that delivers moisture and coverage. In a pinch, you can even dab lippy on your cheeks as blush. Boom.

Cover up dirty hair with accessories. The roots are always the greasiest bit, so throw on a cute headband or hat and you’re good to go.


Use bobby pins with the straight side up. They slide in easier and stay put for longer. To make sure they don’t budge all day, spritz your bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in.

Mask and multi-task. Next time you hit the gym, slather a hair mask through your strands and tie your hair up in a bun. As you work out, the heat will help the mask to penetrate your hair even more, and then all you have to do is wash it out in the shower. Coconut oil works a treat too.

Combine shampooing and conditioning. We wouldn’t recommend doing this with every wash, but for those days when you really cbf, halve your shower time by lathering the top of your head with shampoo, and running conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Spritz dry shampoo in your roots before bed. Not only will you wake up with va-va-volume, but your locks will look – and smell – fresh. The shampoo will absorb any oiliness… even if you spend most of the night rolling around. 😉

Hair hacks

Fake a longer pony by putting your hair in two ponytails. Tie up the top half of your hair (aka everything above the ears) in one pony, and then create another one at the nape of your neck. The top pony will fall over the bottom one – covering the elastic – so it looks like one, long pony. No extensions needed!

Create curls while your hair is drying. Spritz in some salt spray, and then twist your damp hair in sections before securing it in a bun. Leave it to air-dry, and when you take it out a few hours later, you’ll have beachy waves. If you’re in a rush, do the same thing but blast your bun with a hairdryer.  

Add volume with root touch-up powder. It isn’t just for grannies and non-natural platinum blondes… To create the illusion of volume, dust the powder onto your part and hairline, and it’ll look instantly thicker. You can do the same thing with eyeshadow.


No blotting paper? Never fear. Nix excess oil with the help of a toilet seat cover (an unused one, obv) cut it into squares.

Prop your head up on two pillows. When your face is puffy from too many cocktails or honey soy chicken chips (guilty), sleep on an extra pillow. It will help to drain the fluid from your face.

Hate exfoliating? Use peel pads a max of three times a week (or less/not at all if you have sensitive skin). Peel pads are packed with salicylic acid, which gets rid of dead skin cells and clears the pores. They’ll tingle at first swipe because of the acid, but only for a few seconds. Avoid the eye area.


Apply Vaseline around your nails before painting them. You won’t need to pull out the nail polish remover to wipe away any smudges.

Cut off the top of your bottles. To save yourself a trip to the shops (at least for a day), slash off the top of your body wash, lotion or moisturiser so you can squeeze out every last drop.

Put glitter nail polish over a chipped mani. It’s distracting, so you can get away with your messy mani for a few more days.

Buff your nails with an old toothbrush. If you can’t be bothered with a mani but your nails are looking a little manky, brighten them up with a toothbrush and a dab of whitening toothpaste. The hydrogen peroxide in the toothpaste will help to lift stains.

Apply perfume after your body lotion. Your skin will be busy absorbing the lotion first, so your scent will last longer – which means you’ll need to reapply less. Perfume is exxy, so this is a budget tip too!

What are your beauty hacks? Be a champ and pop them below!

 Katia Iervasi 

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