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Overall, I Feel Pretty is a light-hearted story, which is perfect for a mid-week date night with your gals. You don’t need to think too much, there are a few laffs, and you can all email each other next day, swooning about Tom Hopper.

What a treat.

BUT (did you guess there would be a ‘but’!?), I spent some parts of the film thinking that Amy wasn’t the best casting decision for the role. Why? Well, at the risk of coming across as ageist, I think she was a wee bit too old to play such an insecure character.


Fundamentally, the majority of women get more confident as they get older and give fewer fucks. The only people I know who are quite insecure are under 20, not adult women in their late 20s, or early 30s (which is the age of Amy’s character I assume). Of course, every lass questions themselves and has moments of doubt or ‘do I look fat in this’; but the disgust at yourself and complete lack of self-acceptance starts to decrease by 24 and by 28, bitches be owning themselves, farts, flab and all.  I think the film had really great intentions but overall, was a tired old tale about a ‘concussion’ changing the leads perception of reality for the crux of the story. I feel like it was written or produced by men who THINK they’re doing their best but overall, have no idea of how age and life alter a woman’s perception of themselves, mostly for the greater good.

All that aside, as I said, it’s a great film, so if you haven’t seen it yet, grab a GF and go! Michelle William’s character is fucking fantastic. She was easily the funniest character in the movie.


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