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Bachelor In Paradise: Ep.12 Recap ‘Battle Of The Dudes’

The first 15 minutes of tonight’s episode is dedicated to the orgy currently happening between Meagan, Jake the snake, and Canadian Tom/hot Russel Brand. There is #drahma and lots of it.

Basically, Wais made Canadian Tom and Meagan do several beer bongs together last night and they enjoyed a drunken pash/underwater hump in the ocean. Jake is already pissed that his girlfriend had the audacity to date someone else let alone KISS someone else, even though her only current option is the chap Australia is using this emoji 🐍 to describe.

Anyway Jake the snake forgives his girlfriend for testing out a new a boyfriend so now Meagan has to go tell Canadian Tom that he won’t be her new boyfriend, she’s sticking with her OG one.

Canadian Tom is confused but pretty CBF about the whole sitch given he’s got at least another week of free holidaying before his return flight to Canada.

Back at camp, Grant and Ali are having sex on the beach and admit they love each other. It really is like a high school relationship where you fall in love in a few days and swear you’ll be together forever and ever. FYI Grant was at a bunch of parties (I was also at) in LA last week with a bunch of girls who weren’t Ali. 

Rachel has decided she likes American Jarrad and takes him on a date, pissing perfect complexion Leah off BIG time.  Leah continuously threatens to go home and at this point, the producer gives about as many fucks as Wais gives regarding the RSA.

American Jarrad and Rachel’s date involve drinking Kava and Rachel winging about how dirty things are and generally just acting like a spoilt, bratty princess. It’s not in the least bit endearing.  They then sit on a random rug and discuss strategy feelings.

Leah is being equally unappealing as she swears at producers and whines her way around camp, annoying every single other person in her orbit.

Osh shows up in this charming but ever so slightly ridiculous ensemble…

… to announce that there will be a rose ceremony that night. This only further aggravates Leah who now spends all of her airtime moaning about roses and telling different people different fibs about who is getting whose rose.  There’s lots of #drahma and bitching and Jarrod is beside himself.

In the end Canadian Tom gives his rose to Rachel so American Jarrad kinda has to give his to Leah as he prefers her over the weird chick who enjoys eating flowers.

Until next weeks #DRAHMA…

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