Kickass Brunch Spots In Melbourne You Have To Try

Going for brunch is serious business! There are so many cafes all over Melbourne, it’s near impossible to decide where to go because you’re spoilt for choice. There’s nothing worse than parting with your hard earning money for a not-so-great meal so we asked some foodies what their top picks are when it comes to brunching in the food capital of Australia. Now all you have to do is decide: sweet or savoury? We got a mix of both so no one feels left out. Oh and we promise every meal is instagram worthy (because if you didn’t take a photo, were you even there).

Higher Ground, CBD

Go for the grand interior, stay for the coffee and buzzy atmosphere. It’s a cafe slash restaurant, you can expect top-notch dishes and service.

Must try: Ricotta Hotcake – one big fluffy pancake drowned in maple syrup, a dollop of cream and a sprinkle of flowers.

Little Big Sugar Salt, Abbotsford

Need a plate of food the size of head? Then this little haven is for you. The portions are generous and there’s no such thing as a wrong order here, every menu item is amazing.

Must try: ‘This One’ – a savoury concoction of sweet potato, eggs, kimchi, cashew cream and some greens (for good measure 😉 )

Lune Croissanterie, Fitzroy

Even if croissants aren’t your thing, you’ll be converted after your first bite. How can something so simple be life changing!?

Must try: Almond croissant – twice baked flakey deliciousness worth every single calorie.

BARRY Coffee and Food, Northcote

Unlikely food combinations are the drawcard at this hipster hangout. There are healthy options or you can completely indulge, just depends on what you’re craving.

Must try: Crunchy peanut butter and tomatoes on toast – (you’re thinking WTF?!) just  trust us on this one.

Hardware Societe, CBD

A not so secret laneway cafe with a constant line, this French-inspired eatery is a no-fail choice if you’re wandering around the city.

Must try: Fried Brioche – if you live for dessert, then you won’t regret devouring this.

A Thousand Blessings, Richmond

A small humble hideaway where everything tastes even better than it looks (and everything looks good here). All the ingredients are fresh and organic.

Must try: ‘Lovers Feast’ – poached eggs, maple glazed bacon, smashed avo’ with melted cheesy sourdough.

Urban Projuice, Middle Park

This is a top pick for vegetarians/vegans. A big menu of yummy and (almost) guilt-free options.

Must try: It’s a tie between the pancakes and waffles – these sell out fast, so get in early!

Las Chicas, Balaclava

The coffee is incredible and the brekkie is tasty. It’s not an uber cool place “to be seen” but definitely a trusty old favourite.  

Must try: Breakfast Burrito – the mexican way to enjoy the aussie go-to of bacon & eggs.

Fourth Chapter, Prahran

The weekend crowd for this one are a good indication of the food; you’ll be happy you waited patiently for a table.

Must try: Baked Crumble – it’s warm, very fruity and extra comforting on a cold Melbourne morning.


Words by Jennifer Aitken. 

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