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Having A Quarter Life Crisis? Here’s How To Overcome It

16 July 2018

You thought being a teen was hard? That shit was a walk in the park compared to now. First things first: you’re not alone.  If you’re stumbling through your mid 20s to early 30s, wondering what on earth your doing with your life, then welcome to what is known as the quarter life crisis. It can be anything between a low-key inner meltdown and a full blown existential crisis. The struggle is real but knowing how to handle the shit storm when it hits you is the only way forward. Having just survived one, here’s what I wish I knew when I was trying to get over my calamity. So start scrolling through and remember you got this!

Get to the bottom of it

If you’re ruminating on all the troubles in your life, but it just seems like one giant clusterfuck then you need to spend time pinpointing where the hindrance is stemming from. A good way to do this, is writing down everything (from minor to major) that’s bothering you right now then identify what you can change immediately and get on top of that straight away. For the bigger issues, start plotting how you could take control of these situations in your life down the line. Hate your job? But you can’t just quit, gloss up your resume and look into other opportunities.

Work on your mojo with a mental diet

During times of despair, we lose sight of how fabulous we already are. Don’t discredit the simple exercise of reminding yourself everything you’ve accomplished to date; your personality strengths, the good relationships in your life and the things you’re grateful for. Write it in big bold text on paper, stick it on the wall and check-in every time you catch yourself questioning your self worth.

Feed your happiness

Being happy takes work, full stop. It’s a game of consistency, that requires us to do little things each day to nourish our wellbeing. What does that look like? It’s going to yoga (or whatever class tickles your fancy), it’s making sure you catch up with friends regularly, it’s eating your greens but also having pizza and it’s trying new things – that’s what it looks like. These love deposits into your wellness bank will get you back on track.

These are your formative years

As frustrating as this period is, it’s almost necessary to feel this way at this time in your life. That’s because it forces you to question what you want out of the next phase, which mind you is a much less forgiving stage because it usually involves kids and mortgages. You see, it’s the last time you get to be really self indulgent; you’re still young enough to not have your shit together but also on the brink of getting your shit together. So embrace all the emotions and let them out so it doesn’t resurface later on.

Life advice by Jennifer Aitken