What To Do Over The Holiday Break?

Besides eat and drink obvs...😋

You know when you’re a little kid – you just get so excited about Christmas and all the presents that you turn into a bit of a hyperactive little brat? Well, somewhere along the line – I began to be less about the presents and waaaaaayyy more about the fact that I was going to get two weeks off work (although tbh, the brat part has still stayed).

Two glorious weeks to do whatever the hell you like (with probs a few family commitments thrown in for good measure)… the only problem is, sometimes it’s hard to think of what to do to fill up all that time on your hand. Sure a day or two of lying on the couch, Netflix and chilling is all kinds of dreamy, but there does come a point where the boredom starts to set in.

So this year, I’m coming prepared. This year I’m hitting the holidays armed with a list of the 7 things that I swear is going to get me off that oh-so-tempting couch of mine… Who’s with me?!

Road trip with the squad…

This summer holiday is all about grabbing a campervan (or just a tent and car) and hitting the open road with the gals. And while you could go all fancy pants and opt for aeroplanes and hotels – we reckon you’ll get a lot more fun out of doing it a little more low-key.

Organise a big bash in the garden…

Who said cricket was just for the boys? Grab yourself one of those black rubbish bins and turn it upside down, rustle up a tennis ball and then some type of bat – and then away you go. Make it more fun by adding drinks (and obvs drinking rules).

Read a book…

I don’t care if this is a Mills & Boon rom-com or an epic biography – take time out to have some “me” time and just chillax somewhere quiet (add some glasses and an unbuttoned white shirt if you want to up your sexy/smart vibes).

Check our some book recommendations here.

Progressive dinner…

Now, this only works if you’ve got friends who live nearby – so can I make a recommendation that if you don’t have any… make some! But basically, a progressive dinner works best if you have four houses of friends that all live in walking distance from one another. Then each house gets a meal and a specific alcohol they have to provide. E.g. One house is on pre-dinner nibblies with champers, one is on entrée with Sangria, one is on main with wine, and one is on dessert with spirits. Start at house number 1 and walk your way around to each of the four… and then stumble your way home at the end.

Learn to surf…

Not only could you land yourself a hot surf instructor – but you’ll also burn off some of that Chrissy pud in the process… Win. Win.

Get creative…

We’re not talking about drawing in those colouring books that randomly became all the rave – rather grab some pencils and do freestyle drawing. Or a camera and get artsy (and maybe take a selfie or two in the process – cos you know… Instagram). Or just do some writing for yourself – it’s sometimes a bit cray what comes pouring out when you get the chance to unleash a little.

Movie marathon night…

I know we said this is all about getting up off the couch… but if you really can’t be bothered moving – why not bring everyone to you?! Organise each friend to bring either savoury or sweet – and have yourself a good ol’ fashioned sleepover/movie marathon.

Words by Yelena Fairfax


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