11 Wacky Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Can’t sleep? We feel your pain because missing out on beauty sleep feels like a mild form of torture. It’s a frustrating cycle of feeling painfully groggy in the morning, then plotting to go to bed at 8 pm that night to make up for it. Ahhh, but then bedtime rolls around and you’re wide awake. WTF!

Yes, missing a night of sleep isn’t the end of the world because you can catch up over the weekend, but ongoing restless nights can become a real problem that will drain your waking hours. There’s plenty of good sound advice like banning screens and avoiding caffeine before bed.  Bad news: it doesn’t always work. So we trawled the internet for the weird tips others use to induce deep sleep. At last, here are the not so standard ways to fall asleep that actually work. Sweet dreams sleeping angels.

#1 Hide your clocks

Constantly checking the time will induce paranoia about how many hours of kip you’re getting. So keep your phone face down away from your bedside and place clocks out of sight.

#2 Face plant in cold water

Submerge your face in the bathroom sink filled with cold water for 30 seconds to relax your nervous system and bring down your body temperature – perfect for sleeping. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

#3 Burn one down

Light your favourite candle two hours before bedtime and switch off your lights. The dim flickering light will create a peaceful setting that will make you nice n’ drowsy. Just don’t forget to blow it out before bed!

#4 Sing yourself to sleep

Look it might be awkward singing to yourself in bed (lol) but the soothing action will help you drift off sooner.

#5 Get in the right position

Side sleepers listen up: putting a pillow between your legs is the greatest sleeping position, not to mention extra comfy for getting a more restful night.

#6 Curl your toes

Don’t laugh. This is probably the most shared tip on the internet for sleeping. The repetitive motion releases built up tension from a long day.

#7 Replace tea with cherry juice

It’s high in natural Melatonin (the sleep hormone), so get sipping on cherry juice before bed for a natural way to wind down.

#8 Give yourself a belly pat

Treat yourself like a little bubba, all the techniques that work on a baby can be just as effective for an adult. Lay down and rub your tummy in a circular motion for a deep sleep.

#9 Try DIY Hypnosis

Your phone is a great resource for sleeping tools, test out the sleep hypnosis podcasts next time you’re battling insomnia.

#10 Roll your eyes

Shut your eyes, then slowly roll them backwards in your head. It mimics the movement of your eyes while you sleep.

#11 Wear ugg boots to bed

…or socks. Something about keeping your feet warm gets you all mellow and fuzzy. Don’t worry about overheating because you’ll kick them off unconsciously during the night.


Words by Jennifer Aitken


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