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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Seven Recap

24 November 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Twenty Five

Get ready Love Island watchers - finale week is here! We have a feeling it’s going to be pawsome… yep that is a spoiler for this episode. (That pun was a bit ruff sorry.)

But first, we’re back to the scene of Thursday’s recoupling ceremony - the final one ever for the season. Lexy and Jade have left, leaving six couples: Eliza and Hugh, Tina and Mitch, Courtney and Noah, Michela and Taku, Jess and Aaron and Zoe and Chris. Good vibes are in the air, including for Courtney and Noah, who were not a sure bet going into the ceremony - but are reunited now and chuffed to be, in Courtney’s words, on an “exciting new page”.

The vibes are also good, nay, sensational for Zoe and Chris, who are selected for a night in the hideaway. In the morning Zoe hints to the girls that this dynamic duo went all the way. Ooh la la! Eliza admits the news is less positive for her and Hugh, with the two sadly not feeling a spark. During the chat we spot Tina in Showpo’s fun Jocelyn Beaded Necklace.


Jocelyn Beaded Necklace

And now… puppies!!! In the cutest Love Island challenge yet, the couples are all given a Pomeranian pup to take care of for a day. The Islanders all learn a lot about themselves and each other, but the key takeaway moment has to be Taku’s pup Luka falling into the pool.

Courtney leaves most of the puppy parenting to Noah, but she also gets a shoutout from us for her cute bikini style - you can steal it with the Lioness - Vista Mar Bikini Set in Pink!


Lioness - Vista Mar Bikini Set in Pink

Next, proving this show is full of pups and downs (apologies) - it’s hot seat time! Each couple must take their turn being grilled with questions from the group. When asked if their official relationship status has changed, Jess and Aaron say no, with Aaron describing their tiff over the boob slip as a “little bump” - but Tina sees “something flicker” in Jess’s eyes. When asked if she feels the same way, Jess says she doesn’t want to get into it. Awkward…

Meanwhile Courtney admits that if Nic reached out she wouldn’t give him the time of day, Tina and Mitch are coy about whether the L word is on their minds, and Taku and Michela say they’re “heading somewhere special”, although some in the group seem sceptical.

Cue a text! The Monk is on her way and another BRUTAL firepit ceremony is on the cards. She reveals that Tina and Mitch and Jess and Aaron were voted by fans as the two couples with the best connection… and now they have to pick two couples to leave. After hearing everyone’s case they choose... drumroll… Eliza and Hugh (unsurprising), and Michela and Taku (nooooo). Despite Michela describing her chemistry with Taku as “blossoming”, Titch and Jaaron feel the pair’s connection is not strong enough for them to go the distance.

Taku, goodbye, sweet prince! He’s been a fan fave since the beginning and we’ll miss his jokes, banter and excellent ‘fits. Michela was a total sweetie too - just look at this smile! Steal her hoops with the lookalike Peta and Jain - Alara Earrings, available now with Showpo.


Peta and Jain - Alara Earrings

One last outfit shoutout before we take a breather ahead of Tuesday’s huge episode! Tina is repping Showpo’s iconic Oceana Dress, paired with a trendy naked heel - get the look but make it colourful with the Tony Bianco - Serrin in Clear Vinylite, in a fun lime or bold blue.


Oceana Dress in Bubblegum Pink


Tony Bianco - Serrin in Clear Vinylite

Episode Twenty Six

After last night’s double dumping there are now just four couples remaining in the Villa - Tina and Mitch, Jess and Aaron, Zoe and Chris and Courtney and Noah. Despite just farewelling four of their own, the Islanders left are in a mood to celebrate. The grand finale is so close!

But first, dates! One by one each excited couple heads off to a romantic outing in the scenic Byron Bay surrounds. Mitch and Tina get the party started with an early morning helicopter ride. Tina “said yes to the dress” (thanks Courtney) and slipped into the stunning Runaway The Label - Calista Mini Dress for the occasion, now available to shop with Showpo!

Mitch gets super real this episode, telling us “I’ve never cared about someone so much before in my life” and with Tina, “it’s the first time I’ve been open and honest”. With Tina crying “happy tears”, he asks her to be girlfriend - his first girlfriend ever. Titch is finally offish!


Runaway The Label - Calista Mini Dress

Next up it’s Jess and Aaron, who haven’t yet been treated to a Love Island date! It’s made extra special for this doting pair with a grand waterfall backdrop. Jess dresses to match the lush flora with the “so pretty” (in her words) Brunetta Mesh Midi Dress. Jess, we concur!

She tells Aaron she’s “ready to go all in” and he says he already is. Even the large distance between his hometown of Perth and her Sydney base isn’t too daunting. Jess says she’d be happy to move, as their relationship is “so special to me, I want to make it work.”


Brunetta Mesh Midi Dress

Brunetta Mesh Midi Dress

Ah, the serenity. The third date continues the theme, with Zoe and Chris - or Chroe, as the fans say - hitting the beach for a horse ride. Chris describes the date as “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had” and Zoe tells him “you’re perfect to me”. Aww guys!

Chris remarks “we don’t have to impress anyone” - but Zoe is definitely impressing us with her beachside getup. For the champagne picnic portion of the date, she’s wearing the She.Is.Us - On Demand Top in Emerald and On Demand Skirt, then slips into the saddle with the Runaway The Label - Charli Pants - all available to shop now with Showpo!


She.Is.Us - On Demand Top in Emerald and On Demand Skirt


She.Is.Us - On Demand Top in Emerald and Runaway The Label - Charli Pants

The fourth and final date goes to Courtney and Noah (we’re going with Coah right?), who enjoy a beachside stroll, a champagne picnic and a spot of paddle boarding. These two also go hard on the gushing, with Noah telling Courtney “you mean absolutely everything to me” and “you make me very happy”, and Courtney telling him “you’re what I came in here for.”

We love Courtney’s date-perfect ‘fit, including our sweet Ipswich Playsuit and white strappy heels - steal her shoe game with the lookalike Public Desire - Halley Heels in Off White PU!


Ipswich Playsuit


Public Desire - Halley Heels in Off White PU

Ipswich Playsuit

But their carefree state is not to last, as this epic semi-final wraps up in true Love Island fashion - by the firepit. The Islanders must vote for the couples they feel are the most likely to make it on the outside. Behind Jess and Aaron, Courtney and Noah win the least votes.

Farewell to these two cuties! They admit their journey has been “bumpy” but they’re happy to have each other. Certainly won’t be the same without them, especially OG Courtney. You can steal her sexy blue mini look here with Showpo’s lookalike Veronnica Mini Dress.

Get the popcorn and bevvy of choice ready everyone - with lovebirds Tina and Mitch, Zoe and Chris and Jess and Aaron all competing for the Love Island title, we’re in for a tight race!


Veronnica Mini Dress

Episode Twenty Seven (Finale Night!)

Finaaaaale time! It’s the last episode of Love Island Australia Season Three and only one couple can claim victory - and take home the $50k prize money. It’s down to a public vote and the dedicated fan followings have us guessing. Will it be Zoe and Chris, the cute goofballs who quickly hit it off; Jess and Aaron, the OGs with a rocky journey but truckloads of chemistry; or Tina and Mitch, the dynamic duo with ups, downs and a powerful nickname?

But before we talk more about Titch (or Jaaron or Chroe), a moment of respect for the show’s hostess with the mostest, Sophie Monk. As we hear those five words - “bring on the Monk!” - for the final time, we can only stan her grace, good humour and incredible style.

And it’s *all* about the fashion, after all! The season’s finale does not disappoint, with the top six donning look after look - including a parade of Showpo ‘fits. For the final Villa ceremony, we see Jess exquisite in emerald with the Prem The Label - Nila Dress, Tina a dream in the Victoire One Shoulder Maxi Dress and Zoe a queen in the Katniss Plunge Neck Maxi Dress


Prem The Label - Nila Dress


Victoire One Shoulder Maxi Dress


Katniss Plunge Neck Maxi Dress

Oh yeah, the blokes are looking pretty good too!

The long-awaited evening kicks off, with the top six, past Islanders, friends and family and Sophie all in attendance. It’s sprinkling with rain, but this can’t dampen the spirit in the Villa. We’re treated to several memorable moments, including Ryan gushing about his “unreal” coupling with Tayla on the outside and Courtney saying Noah is “worth more than $50k”.

We also see several flashbacks, including highlight reels for each couple and meet-and-greets with their loved ones. Aaron tells the Islanders “I’m so overwhelmed and so overjoyed that I met you all” and that more or less sums up the vibe of the night! Quick shoutout to Tina for repping a firm fave for the gals this season - our To The Stars Earrings.


To The Stars Earrings

The flashbacks get even sweeter, with a date lined up for each couple in what looks like a fairytale meadow. They stare deep into each other’s eyes and read out letters and poems… I’m feeling very single right now. Highlights include Zoe telling Chris, “I’ve never met a guy as cool and funny as me” (speak your truth!) and Tina and Mitch tearing up before they even start talking. The excitement these couples have for starting new lives together is real.

The lewks are on point here too, with Jess a total stunner in the Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress and Tina perfect in pink with the Atoir - The Vista Dress. Shop these exact items with Showpo or steal Zoe’s picnic-ready style with our Break Free With Me Dress!


Runaway The Label - Solace Mini Dress


Atoir - The Vista Dress


Break Free With Me Dress

And finally, after much fanfare, a Villa pool’s worth of tears and even a final Chris Hensworth appearance, we reach the business end of the episode. Australia has voted, the results are in and Sophie announces the winners as… Tina and Mitch!

But will the crowned couple choose love or money? It’s the final hair-raising test of the season. Sophie asks them to pick an envelope each, and whoever has $50k written inside must choose if they want to split the prize with their partner - or take it all for themselves.

It would be very spicy to watch Tina, who lands the cash envelope, pick the money, but we’re chuffed to see our wise-cracking gal with a heart of gold share it with loverboy Mitch. Aww.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you had as much fun watching Love Island Australia Season Three as we had recapping it - and spotting a smorgasbord of Showpo outfits and accessories. You can shop them all and find lots of extra inspo for your upcoming hot girl summer right here.

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