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The A-Z Of Fitness Trends You Need To Try

17 January 2019

It’s the beginning of a new year, and if you’re anything like me (a very greedy young lady who ate her weight plus some in prawns, potato salad, and Christmas cake over the festive period and may be having trouble squeezing her peach into her favourite denim shorts) you have no doubt made a promise to yourself to change; to eat clean, to get as fit as possible and to look absolutely banging in every piece you own.


So in an effort to help you actually achieve your New Years resolution, we present to you the A-Z of fitness trends you need to try this year.


AERIAL YOGA: The cooler version of traditional yoga where you are suspended from the ceiling in a hammock to do a range poses that defy gravity.

BODY PUMP: A killer barbell class that focuses on low weight and high repetition to burn fat and gain muscle.

CLASSPASS: A super flexible fitness membership that gives you access to a wide variety of classes and studios, so you can always fit in a workout.

DANCE FIT: A fitness class that mixes several styles of dance to get your heart pumping and your body shaking.

ELECTRIC BIKE: A bike that provides extra power as you pedal. Great for those who like to venture onto mountain trails, or even for those who need a helping hand on daily commutes.

FITBIT: A fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist to monitor your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

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GROUP TRAINING: Because exercising with others is better than exercising alone. Group exercise classes offer a range of workouts, such as weights or cycling, and are less intimidating and far more motivating.


HIIT FUSION: HIIT is so 2018, this year it’s all about mixing High-Intensity Fusion Training with other flexible-based fitness classes (such as Pilates) for a well-rounded workout.

IYENGAR YOGA: A form of Hatha yoga that focuses on proper alignment for improved posture. Think long holds and minor adjustments to work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

JUMP ROPE: This exercise burns serious calories. Simple, but highly effective.

KRAV MAGA: A self-defence based class that simulates real-life conflict, such as street attacks.

LUNCH HOUR CLASSES: Time-effective fitness classes that require less commitment than before or after work. A high-intensity spin class or F45 session will do the trick.

MINDFULNESS: The practice of being fully present in the moment. Not really a form of fitness, but an important part of your daily routine nonetheless. A happy mind equals a happy body.

NINJA WARRIOR GYMS: After the hugely successful show Australian Ninja Warrior, gyms boasting obstacles and challenge courses have popped up around the country. It’s every five-year-old boy’s dream.

OUTDOOR FITNESS: Go for a long coastal walk, a cycle through your neighbourhood or use the exercise equipment at your local park. These are all great ways to get your body moving while embracing the warm Australian weather.

POOL-BASED RESISTANCE TRAINING: HIIT and strength conditioning (or lifting weights in layman’s terms) done underwater.


QI GONG: A low-intensity, ancient Chinese form of exercise that combines meditation, movement controlled breathing.

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ROCK CLIMBING: Indoor rock climbing is a full body workout that provides strength, stamina and agility, plus it’s super fun.


STREAMING FITNESS SERVICES: These allow you to work out anywhere, anytime with an instructor. Check out DICED if you like the sound of this Netflix-inspired trend.

TUMERIC: We did see an increase in popularity in 2018, but for turmeric, 2019 will be the super-herbs year. Go Healthy product manager Peta Teuma predicts that turmeric will continue to be popular due to its multiple benefits as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and for digestive and liver support. She also predicts that we will see more herbs such as Ashwagandha used, which is used to support during times of stress and to help support memory and performance.

UPCYCLE: A crazy fun, crazy hard cycle class that will leave you sweating buckets with a big grin on your face. Currently only in located in Sydney, it’s well worth a try!

VIRTUAL REALITY FITNESS: the future is near, with Virtual Reality set to hit gym’s sometime this year. Think spin class, but you’re cycling through a computer-generated landscape of your choosing rather than a dimly lit room.

WARM UP: The often forgotten but essential part of a workout that makes all the difference. Warm up so you don’t burn out.

X-ABS: One of the most effective moves for working dem abs! Watch this tutorial to ensure your form is correct.

YOGA FUSION: Swap your usual yoga class for a yoga fusion session, which combines yoga with other fitness classes (such as strength training or dance) to burn extra calories.

ZUMBA: The much-loved exercise class that combines dance and aerobic movements to fast-paced, energetic movements. Zumba classes have come a long way and if you’ve never tried it, make 2019 your year!

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Caitlin O'Leary.