19 Trends We Won’t Miss From The 2010s

04 December 2019

The 2010s were a unique time for us millennials. We were all on the precipice of understanding who we are and what defined us. Unlike the 2000s where we all just went along with the trends not caring if our lowrise jeans actually needed to be worn under our ruffle skirt. But in 2010 we swore, this decade we’d be different. By time 2020 rolled around we promised we wouldn’t look back at what we wore and wish we’d taken our parents’ advice. Unfortunately, the 2010s fashion trends let us down. While there some trends we loved, these are the trends we won’t miss from the 2010s.

Wedge Sneakers

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As a relatively vertically challenged young lass, I get why we all wore wedge sneakers, but also what’s wrong with platforms? Props to Bey for doing an entire routine in these, but let’s leave them as a dance costume staple as best.

2020 Style Update

Windsor Smith – Racer Sneakers In White Leather

The Naked Trend

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There is a time and a place for this look and as much as I love it, I’m not a celebrity and I do not walk red carpets. Therefore, I have no real need to be this extra in my daily life unless I want to look reeeallly OTT at the RSL.

Still into it?

Truthful Lies Dress In Gold Glitter

Tiny Sunglasses

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She’s a Dior Homme baby @mrkimjones

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If you’re into your friends making Matrix jokes at you all Saturday long, take this trend into 2020 with you. If you’re not, THROW THIS TREND IN THE BIN. Are we guilty of succumbing to Insta-inspired wear? Yes, we were, have we seen the error of our ways? Of course. However, if you have a tiny face or are embracing festival season, maybe we could get on board.

Guilty As Charged

Take This Chance Sunglasses In Black
Never Apart Sunglasses In Black And Gold


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Look there’s nothing I love more than lounging around in clothes I should be exercising. However, I do long for the days where we all put a little more effort in on the daily. Fashion is so fun! Why limit yourself to black leggings and a sports bra?

For Active Days Only

Railroad Crop Top In Black & Turnout Tights In Black


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Eeesh, early 2010s logomania was definitely more about ‘look at this cool brand I can afford’ rather than any actual fashionable impact. We’re better than that, ladies. Plus, what else are you going to talk about with another tipsy girl in a nightclub bathroom if she can already tell where your outfit is from? In 2020, let’s chill out on the logos and do cute graphics instead.

2020 Style Update

In The Stillness Top In White

Jeggings And Patterned Leggings

Jeggings are such a 2010s mood. It’s like elevated athleisure but with less pockets. Then, of course, there are patterned leggings, but ladies, let’s get real, proper pants are always the better option. We’ve all bent down in a pair of leggings or jeggings and soon regretted it. Faux leather leggings though, that’s another story.

2020 Style Update

About The Days Pants In Black Leatherette

Flower Crowns

Remember in 2011 when your dream wedding dress was always accompanied with a boho flower crown perched on top of your head. Trust me when I say this, that look is a lot hard and goes with a lot fewer dresses than we all thought. Going to a festival, sure, don that flower crown. However, in 2020, hair accessories will be all about the headband.

2020 Style Update

Talk It Out Headband In Rattan
Blair Headband In Black

High-Low Dresses

Are they minis? Are they maxis? IDEK. All I know is I’m confused. If you want an interesting hemline, opt for a maxi playsuit instead.

2020 Style Update

Let’s Get Loud Maxi Playsuit In Wine Lace

High Waisted Shorts

This is a 2015 Taylor Swift go-to. But, old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, however the denim shorts you’ve been ignoring in your wardrobe can.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Abrand – A High Relaxed Denim Shorts In Salty Blue
Abrand – A High Relaxed Denim Shorts In Salty Black

Unicorn Colours

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2017 and 2018 were the years of the unicorn. Everything was unicorn coloured or unicorn flavoured (which like wtf?). Pastel blues, pinks and purples took over but next year we’re hoping to strip it back into a more monochromatic pastel.

2020 Style Update

Young Ambition Dress In Blue Floral
Seaside Views Dress In Lilac Floral

Military Jackets

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Melania Trump ruined military jackets for us in 2018. Sure they look cute AF, but I think I’ll be opting for a puffer jacket or teddy coat for winter in 2020.

Meet Us Halfway

Feeling Extra Jacket In Khaki


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Newsflash, not even the french can always pull off berets without looking like a pouty Blair Waldorf (not in a good way). Sun hats are far more our speed.

2020 Style Update

Maya Fedora Hat In Cream
Savannah Boater Hat In Cream

Harem Pants


What were we thinking? Who do these pants look flattering on? No one! If Kim K can’t pull them off with a whole team of stylists behind her, what chance do the rest of us have? Let’s not ruin a perfectly good pair of wide-leg pants by tapering them at the bottom.

2020 Style Update

I Am Still Here Pants In White Linen Look
Sunny Times Pants In Rust Linen Look


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I remember when I first heard the term normcore. It was a bunch of celebrities dressing like normal people instead of treating every day like it’s the Oscars. That’s not a trend. That’s life.

Vinyl Footwear


As a dancer, this trend is way out of my league. No one wants to see a ballerina’s feet in a pair of these puppies and TBH, I don’t know if I want to see that much of anyone’s foot.

Still Into It?

Billini – Yucca Heels In Nude
Billini – Imaan Heels In Nude Micro

Peplum Tops

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You went into my camera role and scrolled back until 2013 all you would see is me and all of my friends wearing peplum tops. I wore them on mufti day, I wore them on the weekend, I even wore a peplum dress on my first night out as an 18-year-old. Ah, 2013, good memories, questionable fashion. But hey, peplums do wonderful things for your silhouette.

Feeling A Throwback?

Perfectly Wrong Top In Powder Blue Linen Look
Magic Spell Top In Natural Linen Look

Swishy Pleated Skirts

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Before there was the leopard print midi, there was the pleated skirt. On Victoria Beckham they look chic AF, on me, they look I’ve escaped the convent. So maybe this is more of a personal vendetta than a fashionable one.

For Those Chicer Than VB

Off To Bali Skirt In Leopard Print
Wishful Thought Skirt In White Spot

Micro Bags

I will fight anyone who says Lizzo’s micro bag from the AMAs is less than iconic. It’s simply not true. However, while this trend is certainly cute, it’s lack of size has us hoping for a slightly more…practical trend in 2020. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of bumbags too.

Guilty As Charged

Kourtney Micro Bag In Lemon Croc
Zoe Mini Backpack In Black Pu
Where To Now Waist Bag In Neon Yellow

Meat Based Dresses

Okay, this one is purely for Lady Gaga. You just can’t do a wrap up of 2010s fashion without acknowledging this heinous creation that graced the red carpet at the 2010 VMAs. Let’s stop wearing meet in the New Year, mkay?

Still wearing my leopard print midi, Emma Roffey