Fashion Style Tips

Dress For Your Body Shape

16 December 2016

So as I banged on about in my last post, I’ve recently compiled the results from a survey where I scurried about in the minds of over 2200 women.

Interesting stuff in there, I’ll tell you that! One of the questions was about body shape with women falling into the below ‘types’:


This in mind, I thought I’d give you all a few tips and tricks on dressing for the above body types because sometimes a gal just needs a helping hand. I myself really needed a few choice images of myself in flowy tops before I got rid of (most of) them – lest I look like a linebacker.

ATHLETIC – Slim, toned and quite straight up and down…

Lucky you, you can pretty much wear whatever you like! Show off those spectacular pins in some shorts, the cinched in waist and slight flare gives the illusion of curves?


Avoid styles that show off your shoulders as most athletic frames tend to err on the broad side of things and off-shoulder styles (albeit pretty) won’t do you any favours. Instead, opt for shirts that ensure your toned arms are the feature.


PETITE – Slim and short with no curves…

Ladies, if this is you, off-shoulder styles are your new best friend. They give your figure volume while showing off your delicate shoulders and decolletage.


Steer clear of maxi styles as they’ll swallow you whole. Go for a playsuit that cinches you in to create some curves.


CURVY – Slim waist with a bigger bust and bottom…

Slay dem curves with something form-fitting GF! Don’t forget your cleavage :p


Don’t wear anything baggy as it will make you appear bigger and won’t show off your assets. If you’re going to wear something looser, ensure it cinches in at the waist or add a belt.


APPLE – Slim limbs, but you hold weight around your mid-section…

Loose and flowy things that show-off your skinny limbs! A thicker mid-section is very easy to hide.


The key style you need to err on the side of caution with is a two-piece as that is only going to highlight your tummy. By choosing fabrics with different textures and prints, you’ll immediately distract people away from concentrating on the area. (Not that they would or should, but just for your own piece of mind).


PLUMP – Cuddly all over…

All hail the maxi! Show-off your incredible style in this flattering and versatile option.


Darker colours are really flattering and we have such a beautiful array of prints at Showpo.


NOTE: I actually think you should just wear whatever the hell you want. What do I know, I didn’t throw out ALL my off-shoulder styles, HA! If you love it and like what you see, own it and go you. 

Words by Kelly McCarren.