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Weekly Wrap: Everything You Need To Know About This Week

Hot tip: If you’re not into the Kardashians skip to section 3.

 While we were busy recovering from the shitstorm that was last week, pop culture went full steam ahead on the crazy train. Can’t keep up? You don’t have to! Here’s our round-up of everything you need to know about this week.

Kylie threw an OTT party for her newly-appointed BFF

Kylie Jenner is rolling right past the drama this week. Moving on from the Jordyn Woods era of life, it seems Kylie has appointed Victoria Villarroel to the recently vacated position of BFF. Villarroel, who is also Kylie’s personal assistant, turned 27 this week and celebrated the only way the Kardashian Krew know how: an OTT party.

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Happy Birthday Vic ♥️

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Kylie booked out Californian skate rink Skateland for a private roller disco with a killer guest list. VIPs included all of the Kar-Jenners, Tyler the Creator and KUWTK regular Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Naturally, the party continued a few days later at Kylie’s mansion. The swanky house party included a pancake station (yes please), a mariachi band, two birthday cakes, painting lessons and a contracted artist who painted a live portrait of the event because photos are so 2018.

Kylie became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire

Speaking of Kris Jenner’s youngest offspring, Kylie replaced Mark Zuckerburg this week as Forbes’ Youngest Self Made Billionaire. Before you jump up and down over the title ‘self-made’, Kylie revealed in an interview with Paper Magazine that her parents actually cut her off financially at 15 (harsh). 

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thank you @forbes 💜

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Since then, Kylie has launched her own beauty line, made sponsorship deals, TV contracts, social media collabs, clothing lines and campaigns all earning her a cool $1,000,000,000 USD. Meanwhile here I am, two years Kylie’s senior, and the most lucrative deal I’ve ever received is my barista forgetting to charge me an extra 40 cents for almond milk.

The Hills reboot has landed

Welcome, you’ve now entered a Kardashian free zone. Glad to have you here but we’re not quite out of LA-based reality television yet. This week Cosmopolitan Magazine published an exclusive preview of freshly rebooted series, The Hills. The Hills, you might remember, followed a group of young gal pals living in LA with heinously unrealistic lifestyles (yeah you’re a Vogue intern with your own apartment, girl bye).

The Hills is getting a 2019 makeover with Whitney Port, Heidi Montag-Pratt and Audrina Patridge all returning (no surprises Lauren Conrad gave a hard pass). To fill the LC-shaped all in the show producers have chosen Mischa Barton for the show. Yup, Marissa from The OC is going to on The Hills. I can’t tell you why. I have no idea. I’m not totally sure Mischa knows either.

Not everyone is happy about Mischa’s inclusion, even though we all know reality TV is less than realistic including a paid actress is just a tiny bit too far. Then there’s the question that if they were going to bring in new cast members, why not do something for the severe lack of diversity The Hills represents.

If like me, you’re most intrigued about that last one, don’t worry Heidi has answered it for you. “We don’t all look the same. I mean Audrina has darker hair. I feel like Mischa has darker hair,” said Heidi who FYI is still married to the world’s nuttiest nut job, Spencer Pratt. Cue eye roll.

We finally got the bachelor we deserve

Channel 10 is gearing up for the new season of its own hotly anticipated reality TV show, The Bachelor. After the trainwreck that was The Honeybadger (I mean honestly), it looks like we are finally getting the bachie we deserve in the form of Matt Agnew.

Matt is verifiably the world’s dreamiest nerd. When we say nerd we mean it, the man is a bloody astrophysicist. A very hunky astrophysicist. So hunky in fact that our content kween Kel’s sister was already following the account Channel 10 had set up for him as the announcement was making headlines.  

Pete Davidson says thank u, next to Ari

While we’re on the topic of romance. Pete Davidson has moved well and truly on from Ariana Grande and is now hooking up courtside with actor Kate Beckinsale. The two had been rumoured to be a couple for a few weeks now but made things official at a Rangers game this week.

Shout out to Queer Eye heartthrob Antoni Porowski who got to be the third wheel on their PDA-filled date.

Riverdale said goodbye to Luke Perry

In very sad news this week, OG 90210 bad boy and Riverdale star Luke Perry passed away from stroke-related complications. Perry was admitted to the hospital late last week and was surrounded by his family when he died on Monday.

The outpouring of love from Luke’s coworkers and friends has been heart-wrenching on Instagram and Twitter. “ I just can’t believe it,” wrote Lili Reinhart.

Ja Rule is trying to make Fyre Fest a thing (again)

Ja Rule is taking the phrase “if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again” a little too literally. The music mogul who got off scot-free from the red hot meltdown that was Fyre Fest is apparently keen to give it another go. This is just one of the 17 batshit crazy things we’ve learned about Fyre Festival event since Netflix’s documentary aired in Feb.

Spray, delay, walk away

Setting sprays are potentially the most dangerous aspects of a beauty bag (minus that freshly sharpened eyeliner you’re wielding around when you’re a little bit tipsy). Setting sprays can be a total disaster because if they don’t do their job and fix your face. They do the opposite and wash it all off. Lucky for you, we’ve tried and tested them all. Check out our roundup of the best setting sprays and how to actually use them. You’re welcome.

It’s International Women’s Day

Ladies, leave your man at home because it’s IWD and we’re FEELING IT. While we deserve way more than one day out of 365, we’re taking a moment to celebrate all the remarkable women that inspire us here at Showpo HQ.

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