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Kan-Ye Call Me Crazy

We do a deep dive on Kayne's craziest tweets...🤓

This week Kanye West returned to Twitter after a nearly twelve-month hiatus. Why is this a big deal? Because the man tweets what has been consistently referred to as his ‘conscious (and consistent) thought stream’ for the world to see without a single fuck to give – and it’s HILARIOUS.

Secondly, Kanye did not just come back to Twitter quietly. He came back swinging with tweet after tweet of lolsy personal opinions and, perhaps the most controversial of all, with tweets aligning himself with US President, Donald Trump.

He also posted screenshots of private texts between himself and his friends, including John Legend, for his fans to see which sent the gossip mill spinning.

The cherry on top? Kaye’s own wife, Kim Kardashian West weighed in on her own Twitter to point out that the tweets did not mean he was mentally unstable but simply misunderstood and ahead of his time.


Anyone with a brain can see why Kanye’s stance and Kim’s response is controversial, however, spectators have gone one step further by making implications that ol’ Kanye has gone a little crazy.

In Kim’s corner, I think we CAN be a little overzealous with the term ‘unstable’ by trying to diagnose a situation where someone just y’know, might not be our cup of tea. BUT, in the critic’s corner, I can see some of his tweets make no bloody sense and I want answers.

So, because I am nothing if not an investigative journalist I have investigated the question that the social media queen herself took time away from plugging her new fragrance and nude pics to raise – is Kayne crazy or kewl?

Disclaimer – I am by no means making light of genuine mental health issues because that’s not kewl at all. If this has struck a chord with you, please do not read on. This is a tongue-in-cheek post and designed to be light-hearted. 

Without further ado, here are some of Kanye’s pre-hiatus tweets that I’ve dug up and compiled, in no particular order with my personal (and not at all accusing) verdict on whether I think ‘Ye is crazy or kewl.

Now, for some circa 2017 tweets that the world needs to see…

Verdict = Crazy.

The only person I’m calling at 3am is my ex-squeeze when I’ve had a few too many wines on a Friday/Saturday/Tuesday night and dear lord, I wish he would absolutely NOT answer.  No one should be taking calls at this time.

Verdict = Kewl.

When I finish off a piece of work and am ready for final drafting, I want nothing more than to be on my own private oasis, finessing the absolute f*ck out of my masterpiece. If I could afford a boat, I’d do this in a heartbeat. Hell, I’d get my lovely Editor a boat too because she deserves to edit this in paradise. Very chic.

Verdict = Crazy.

You date one of the most beautiful and well-dressed women in the world – trust her! If she/her team of minions can’t make her flawless self-shine on the way out the door, none of us can.


Verdict = Not crazy.

OK maybe he’s crazy for admitting it, but I do this on the reg when i’m scuffling into the office with my podcast in and the effects of caffeine just starting to hit – I just need a few more mins before the day starts. It’s me time. I feel you Kanye!

Verdict = Not crazy.

I initially wasn’t sure about this one but after trying it out in various hypothetical conversations ie; “You’re dumped. Lol” “Fuck you. Lol” “Your bird’s dead. Lol” I realise every situation where lol is used is funny for the sheer fact it uses ‘lol’. WHO USES THIS ANYMORE?

Verdict = Crazy.

I don’t know how typing in caps gives off less effort. If you’re looking to cut corners, cut down your exclamation marks.

Verdict = Crazy

Amirite? Not sure why? See here and be enlightened (or not) on the assplay.

Verdict = Crazy.

You fly first class, I really don’t think the crew is going to get petty about what you do with your water bottle. Chuck it. Responsibility lifted.Take a load off.

Verdict = Not crazy.

Fonts are a very valuable part of everyday life. Remember when writing in Wingdings was an absolute hoot of a way to waste time in school?

Verdict = Crazy.

Whilst I support the emotions a font can evoke – have you ever used Gothic? It’s a bloody nightmare and being forced to type in it would have my resignation on my boss’ desk in a heartbeat.

Verdict = Crazy (I think?)

I have no clue what he’s talking about here so I might be wrong but Macbook and Ipads are from the same company..and both have the ability to be used online. They are computers. Am I wrong? Help me understand.

Verdict = Not crazy.

 Given the difference in gravity on these, a shit definitely implies more than a piss and it makes a lot of sense.

Verdict = Crazy.

I’m not sure what kind of meetings one can casually roll a marble table into so the logistics of this are pretty questionable. Also, there goes impromptu shuffling. Kanye has obviously never worked at a tech startup where everything is #muchfluid #veryspontaneous

Verdict = Not crazy.

Despite popular belief that Yeezy is a rapper, I really support the idea (fuelled by himself) that he’s in fact, a real visionary.

Verdict = Crazy

No one is going to call out on their birthday unless it’s a drunk call. In which case, please refer to my aforementioned point about drunk call etiquette. Give Zuck a break man.

Verdict =  Kewl

Just easily distracted. He posted these when grilling Wiz Khalifa publicly only to get distracted by his cool pants which makes Kanye hilariously human. #Wizwearscoolpants is a hashtag that lives on and we’re all guilty of getting sidetracked sometimes. I’m going to go show my boss this.



I don’t want to be that shitty April Fool’s day movie that drags you along for the story only to have no resolution but I really can’t make a call on this. I started this article a hater and finished it a fan and I think that’s the whole point of the public rants, right?  I do think Kanye goes in and out of being a little unhinged, but I also think he has some valid points and is genuinely trying to create a movement. Judging by the Yeezy apparel sales, I’d say it’s working – wouldn’t you?

Controversial I know but I don’t have time to hear it, gotta go buy some Yeezys.

By April Murphy. 

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