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#Girlboss! The Best Podcasts That Will Make You Want To Hustle

02 May 2018

Do you want to land that dream job? Start that business? Look after your body better? These podcasts will force you to tie your hair up in a bun and get shit done!

Girlboss Radio

Founder and former CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, interviews an array of successful women who have made their mark in creative and business ventures. Sophia chats to women such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Lily Singh on how they got to where they are now, and the triumphs and challenges experienced along the way. This podcast will spin ideas surrounding success, failure and personal growth on its head, and make you feel as though you can do anything.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

This beautifully put together podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, discusses the rewards and challenges of the creative mind, and how to get yourself out of a creative rut and put your best work out there. Episodes include, ‘The Thing That You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You’ and ‘Make The Brutal Into The Beautiful’. This podcast reminds you to trust your instincts and believe in yourself and your dreams.

Broad New World

Nick Broadhurst is a man of many talents. You may know him as the former saxophone player of the successful Australian band, Sneaky Sound System, but he is also an entrepreneur and motivational speaker as well as musician. Nick takes us on a journey of his thoughts and opinions on topics surrounding health, self-development and business, in his relatively new but widely popular podcast. Some episodes to start you off include, ‘Productivity Without The Push’, ‘Creating Success On Your Own Terms’ and ‘Do as Billionaires Do’.

Ted Radio Hour

You may or may not have heard of Ted Talks. If you have, you already know how satisfying, educating, and profound some of these speakers are. If you haven’t, get ready to be inspired! This podcast features discussions with some of the most remarkable minds, to talk through fascinating ideas, inventions and new ways of thinking. Another thing you can do to feel productive when say, you are stuck in traffic, is to download the Ted Talks App. Some of my favourites include, ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity’, ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ and ‘The Power of Introverts’.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Hugely successful health, wellness and life coach Melissa Ambrosini shares interviews with some of the most profound thought leaders in health, business, spirituality and finance, just to name a few. She is also the wife of previously mentioned, Nick Broadhurst, talk about a power couple! Feel empowered and have a listen to the episodes, ‘How To Financially Free Yourself with Peta Kelly’ and ‘Loving Yourself, Overcoming Fear and Building a Global Empire with Lorna Jane’.

Tez Talks

While this may not be a podcast, Australian actress Teresa Palmer shares her advice on insightful and thoughtful topics. She is genuine, wise and kind in her approach, and will give you lots to think about. Head over to Youtube and subscribe to her wellness blog channel Yzl Zen Life to check out her Tez Talks Q&A’s.

Words by Tamara Bose