Bridal Fashion

All The Mistakes We’ve Made Wedding Dress Shopping

06 March 2020

Wedding dress shopping is not always glamorous and if it’s your first time (and chances are, it is) there a few common mistakes you’re likely to make. While some mistakes are hardly worth the fuss (leave your black lace knickers and don’t even think about tanning), others are a little more major. So, as you’re gearing up to buy what will probably the most expensive white frock of your life, here are the mistakes you can make wedding dress shopping. Oh, and how to avoid them.

Shopping too early

Obviously you’re over the moon about your engagement. However, try not to let that excitement convert into early shopping. For the most part, bridal gowns are released seasonally, so October and April. Bridal buyers get a sneak peek about a year before they become available but if you’re planning on a long engagement, don’t rush into it. If you do chances are you’ll end up with a dress you’re not so in love with come the wedding.

If you’re looking for a yardstick of when to shop, give yourself a 10-month headstart. With luck, you’ll have decided on your dress about eight months in advance. That’s plenty of time for production, alterations and final fittings.

Hot tip, once you’ve got your dress, stop looking. You’re going to be making a lot of decisions and this is just one of them. Stick to your intuition.

Leave the entourage at home

Keep your crew small and intimate when wedding dress shopping. More people means more opinions, and already the only one that matters is your own. It only takes one negative voice, or worse a small spat, to ruin the positive tone of your appointment.

Get real about your budget

Going custom isn’t for everyone

The process of designing a custom wedding gown is long and requires a succinct vision. You also need to be firm with what you want. You probably won’t see your finished wedding gown until very close to your wedding date so you’re going to want to hope you gave a very clear brief. If you’re indecisive or not that well-versed in fashion, don’t go custom.

Trying on too many dresses

At a certain point, every white dress will look the same. Brides who try on too many gowns can forget which shapes and silhouettes they were drawn to in the first place. Plus it’s one sure-fire way to overwhelm yourself with choices.

Another thing to consider is the wow factor. Brides who have seen too many gowns might find it anti-climactic when they finally make a decision.