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Have you ever looked at the imagery fashion brands release and wonder how the devil the models used have such ‘glowy’ skin? ESPECIALLY swim imagery where the model is just casually chillin’ next to some fancy AF pool coated in what can only be described as an illuminating sheen?



Well, I’VE always wondered and I know it ain’t sweat as I’m a VERY sweaty human and I don’t look like that chillin’ poolside (let’s just ignore the 20 extra kilos I carry too). It’s also not something that can be manufactured in photoshop post production as it’s clearly skin. SO HOW, HOW DO THEY HAVE SUCH DEWY LOOKING RIGS!

Turns out it’s a pretty simple answer really. I just needed to introduce the Photoskin Illuminating Body Gloss into my beauty arsenal. Complete trickery just the way I like it.

Really light and non-sticky, this premium oil spray will literally make your skin shimmer with the special added ‘gold dust’ that’s been mixed into the formula. So whenever you want a glowy decolletage, longer looking legs or just a general sheen, make sure you spritz some of this bad boy over you.

We’ve been using this stuff on our models for yonks (no, their skin doesn’t glow like that naturally) so we’re pretty bloody excited that we now stock it.

We’re also stocking the Tanning Oil (but don’t forget the sunscreen too!) and After Sun Oil, which smell AHMAHZING and are delicious to apply.

We’re giving YOU the chance to win a bottle of it for your glowy self, PLUS the other 2 tanning products in the range, PLUS any 2 items in our swim range. We’ve basically got your beach needs sorted! 


So comment below what you’re loving about the new blog and a random winner will be chosen next Tuesday afternoon!





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