Should You Keep Your Skincare In The Fridge?

Best served slightly chilled.

Guys, I’ve had a revelation. Skincare in the fridge and I don’t just mean those fresh facemasks from LUSH which inevitably end up behind a three-month-old tub of butter. I mean stuff you use on a daily basis. I’ve started doing it and not gonna lie, I’m a little impressed with myself.

Now I’m not claiming to be the person who first thought to keep her beauty prods in the fridge. In fact, there are whole companies that just sell mini beauty fridges. I don’t know if an entire fridge dedicated to skincare is really necessary. I mean, I love my vitamin c serum and my INSERT JUNK FOOD HERE equally and I don’t really want them hanging out and becoming friends but I also don’t want to drop $159 on a mini fridge. Although, watch this space because I probably will at some point – I suck at saving.

So why should I keep my skincare in the fridge?

It’s simple. Keeping your skincare refrigerated a) wards off bacteria, b) nips puffiness in the bud, c) extends the life of your products and d) makes you feel like an influencer. The question is, why shouldn’t you?  Lucky for you, we’ve broken down exactly which of your fave products could benefit from a little TLC in the fridge and which ones should steer clear.

Which products should I keep in the fridge?


I’m not being shady but some serums are unstable. Not like Aunt Karen who gets wine drunk every day by 11am kind of unstable, instead, their molecules are a touch sensitive to oxygen and temperature.  My beloved vitamin c serum, for instance, is very temperamental so it lives in the fridge with everything else that turns ick at room temperature.


The whole point of a quick spritz of facial mist is to refresh the skin. Yeah sure. they’re also really hydrating and some of them can even protect you from blue light. While mists kept out the fridge still feel like magical angel tears when spritzed during a chaotic day, refrigerating them helps the product sooth your skin especially if yours is a little sensitive.

Daytime moisturisers

Nothing will get your day started like applying a cooling slather of daytime moisturiser on your freshly woken face. I’m perpetually cold but I find enduring the chill for the first few moments post-application is worth it when my make up glides on so much easier because my daily moisturiser is really doin’ its thang.

Face masks and eye masks

Whether you’re fond of the sheet version or a traditional out-of-the-jar mask, keeping your facemasks in the fridge is like bringing a day spa home with you. Not only will the cooler temperature help the masks’ ingredients stay active but it’ll help reduce puffiness and calm any redness you might have.

Also, Chrissy Teigen keeps her eye cream and eye masks in the fridge, so if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

There are some things, like tomato sauce (don’t @ me), that just don’t belong in the fridge. Beauty-wise night creams and body oils should both stay out of the fridge. Oils, so they don’t solidify and night creams because nobody wants to have a cold face when they head to bed.

Beauty hack by Emma Roffey.

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