Shop your heart out and make a difference in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation!

What does Project Futures do?

Project Futures is a not-for-project organisation who are working towards ending human trafficking and slavery by empowering others to take action in their communities.

Sadly, human trafficking and slavery is the third largest international crime industry and it is estimated that there are 35.8 million people enslaved in our world today.

That’s why Showpo has teamed up with Project Futures and we want YOUR help to make a difference!


We sell our samples, which have only been worn for brief periods of time for shooting, and donate ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to Project Futures! We also hold $1 campaigns, where $1 from every sale in a particular category (like knitwear in winter or shorts in the summer) goes towards the cause. We’ve raised over $50,000 so far and have only just started!



Shop till you drop of course! Our next sample sale will be held at Dockside 3-10 March 2016


A message from our CEO


Together we can make a difference! Trite and clichéd as that may sound, we’re going to use our social reach and large community of beautiful and generous SHOWPO customers and support to help an amazing non-for-profit make a huge difference in the world!

We know you’re all beautiful inside and out, and not only do we want to bring out the show pony in you, but the philanthropist! Project Futures and Somaly Mam has such a touching and beautiful story, and together have changed the lives of thousands of girls enslaved into the sex trafficking world.

Steph and her team at PF have done amazing things; in three short years (two of which were run 100% voluntarily by Steph and her friends), they have directly given $618,000 to three of their beneficiary organisations including The Somaly Mam Foundation. Much like myself, she dropped her predictable corporate marketing career to follow her passion. Needless to say, her passion is much more selfless and inspiring, but through this project with Project Futures, I hope SHOWPO can make a difference towards this cause as well.

We often turn a blind eye to the struggles outside our world, but the reality is daunting and scary. According to UNICEF, 2 million children will be sold into the sex trade in the next year. Some sold for as little as $50 and as young as 6 years old. Check out Project Future and Somaly Mam’s story – you’ll feel so empowered that an individual can make such a big difference – you can make a difference too!

Jane xx