Making a difference

Shop your heart out and make a difference in breaking the cycle of poverty!

What does The Hunger Project do?

The Hunger Project Australia is a non-profit organisation that aims to break the cycle of poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies, and advocating for their implementation in countries around the world. By adopting these strategies globally, The Hunger Project hopes to end hunger by 2030.

Now, Showpo has teamed up with The Hunger Project Australia - and we want YOUR help to make a difference!

Join us at our next sample sale at Martin Place, Sydney on Thursday September 6th. 

What does Showpo do with them?

We sell our samples, which have only been worn for brief periods of time for shooting, and donate ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to The Hunger Project Australia!

Showpo sample sale 2015 / Sydney, Australia

A message from our CEO

Together we can make a difference! Trite and clichéd as that may sound, we’re going to use our social reach and large community of beautiful and generous SHOWPO customers to help an amazing non-for-profit make a huge difference in the world!

We know you’re all beautiful inside and out, and not only do we want to bring out the show pony in you, but the philanthropist!

The Hunger Project Australia has already reached more than 17 million people globally living in rural villages in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America and implemented strategies in breaking the cycle of poverty.

With the team pioneering a movement to end hunger by 2030, you too can get involved in this worthy cause by visiting to find out how you can help in making a difference!

Jane xx