We send regular tracking emails (because who doesn't get excited by a parcel?).

Have an account?

Log in to My Account > My orders> and the estimated delivery for your order will pop up! Or  
Log in to My Account > My orders> Track. It's that easy to keep up with where your order is at.

Checkout as a guest?
Visit the Order Tracking Portal using your email and order ID (find this in your order confirmation email).

Only received part of your order?

We ship from multiple warehouses! Item(s) shipped from the U.S. warehouse will display the U.S. shipping time frame in red in your cart before checkout. You'll receive separate tracking emails, shipping times may be different.

If you haven't received your order by the estimated delivery date in your confirmation email or Showpo account, contact us below and we'll track it down. 🕵️‍♀️