Coachella 2018 Survival Guide

So you’re going to Coachella, YAY, so are we! Firstly you MUST come up to us and say hello if you see us there! We’ll have a bunch of Showpo vouchers ready to give anyone who does! These are the gals to look out for…

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Secondly, have you got your threads sorted? Check out our range here, it’s SICK!

Thirdly, we’ve popped a ‘survival guide’ with all our tips and tricks below. You’re welcome.

#1 If you’re not camping (we aren’t and I am so glad) book a hire locker so you can store your essentials and not lug them around all day.

#2 Don’t be an idiot and remember to HYDRATE! It’s fucking hot and you’ll be on your feet sweating all day – make sure you drink loads of water. Take an empty drink bottle into the festival to refill at various water stations throughout the festival.

#3 Have a BIG breakfast, there might be yonks between meals and you’ll be walking upwards of 15km – so bitches need to be fueled! Make sure you have a big mug of coffee too, will keep you energetic AF. We’re packing these ‘Natural Health’ coffee sachets as they keep you full and have a bunch of antioxidants in them. Plus American coffee is shite.

#4 Save your phone battery by turning off your wi-fi, bluetooth, data and close any open apps.  Make sure you have it on low battery mode too. You could even just turn your phone on flight mode as you’ll waste battery power while your phone tries to find service. Oh and you could always pack a charger battery thing for your 500 ferris wheel pics 🎡😝

#5 Like all crowded spaces, the phone service will be shit so don’t bank on being able to message your pals and find out where they are. Rather, have a few designated ‘meet up’ spots during the day in case you lose peeps. Let’s meet at X at 6pm’ is a good example.

#6 Take gum or mints, you’ll be talking to people in VERY close proximity and bad breath is just rude.

#7 Remember it takes time to get from stage to stage. If there’s a band/act you really want to see, make sure you leave early to get there.  It can take a good 30 minutes to walk between stages when it’s busy and crowded. So basically don’t sprint to a 4pm show at 3:55!

#8 Make sure you SLATHER yourself in sunscreen as that desert sun will burn you to a damn crisp.

#9 For once in your life, pace yo’ self, don’t treat yo’self.  DON’T get too drunk as you’ll a) miss out on heaps of stuff, b) spend a fortune on drinks, and c) feel awful for the next few days.

#10 If you want some merch, go on the first day in the morning as you’ll miss the hectic lines that way.

#11 If the heat isn’t your friend (🙋) steer clear of the actual festival during the hot hours, and hit up a party instead! Most resorts and plenty of hotels have different pre and after parties, it’s getting in that can be tricky so get there early!

#12 Traffic is an actual bitch getting back to LA when it’s over. So if you can, stay an extra day in Palm Springs to recuperate and then you’ll miss the slew of tired looking drivers honking at each other. Have a look at our Palm Springs guide, it’s useful AF.

#13 Bring earplugs – the music is LOUD!



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