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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

15 July 2017

Everyone is off on their European or stateside summers aren’t they!? Bastards lucky little squids!

My current Insta feed is a relentless attack of the Amalfi Coast, sunbaking in Hawaii and parties in NYC. Here I am sitting in freezing cold Sydney like the sad pleb that I am.

Jk,s I am actually going away tomorrow winking-face.png

It’s been while in the midst of packing that I’ve realised yet again how much I DESPISE it. Yes, it’s fun because you’re all excited for your hols but you live in perpetual fear that you might FORGET SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT!

So I’ve created a few little lists of items you may not think of when packing for your next adventure. It isn’t a complete list though, I am assuming I don’t need to remind you to pack clothes…


Sunglasses & Hat – Protect yo’ face woman! Opt for a broad-brimmed hat for optimal coverage and check out the new QUAYXKYLIE collection, they’re so cool!

Swimmers – Duh, don’t leave these at home. Whether you fancy a skimpy bikini, full-piece or trendy option – we’ve got you covered with a vast array of options.

Scarf – Why is this an ESSENTIAL do you ask? WELL, it’s just such a travelling multi-tasker, that’s why. Roll one up when delayed as a pillow, wrap around yourself as a cover-up and use as a towel on the beach.

Hand Sanitiser – I have a weak tummy and yet have NEVER been sick when travelling. I put it all down to a bottle of trusty sanitiser. I use it religiously when OS, even squirting a bit on a napkin and wiping down my cutlery prior to eating. Pop by a pharmacy and pick up a few of the 60ml Aquim bottles, they are gentle on your skin and perfect for travelling.

Wipes – I shouldn’t even have to explain why you need these. They are great in normal life but get taken to life-saving levels when on vaycay. Use to wipe your pits down if you’re sweaty, get sticky juice off your leg or as an emergency makeup remover. I’m loving the Essano Micellar Soothing Sensitive Wipes as they’re formulated with micellar water (shocker), which is more effective at removing dirt than the stuff you get from taps.

Micellar Water – Speaking of, I always take a travel sized bottle of the stuff for removing liquid lipstick and eye makeup. The Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution is SO gentle on the skin and removes everything.

Dry Shampoo – Your saving grace when your hair looks rank and oily AF but a shower is a day off or you’re in a rush. The TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo is my current fave, freshening up dank locks after even the sweatiest of gym classes, which bodes well for travelling.

Sunscreen – Don’t ruin your holiday like this guy…
So go on, don’t forget to slap on something with great coverage like the SunSense 50+ Sensitive Invisible Sunscreen.
Cleanser – Make sure you’re cleansing your skin properly at night to rid it of the sunscreen, dust, salt etc or you’ll get congestion.  I love multitasking products so I can pack more! The 90ml 3-in-1 cleanser by philosophy is the bomb as it cleanses and tones while leaving your skin feeling reasonably moisturised.
Oil – Sick of me talking about oils yet!? Apply some Jergens Shea Beauty Oilliberally to your limbs for soft skin with a really nice glowing sheen. Be warned though, oil removes fake tan, so top up daily with their Gradual Tan – it’s excellent and a steal.
Mini Palettes – You don’t want to lug your giant Morphe palettes around do you? For eyes, the MUD Makeup Design Nude Eyeshadow Palette has a versatile edit of five complementary nude, rosy and cocoa shades. For your face, I am OBSESSED with the Too Faced highlight, blush and bronzer palette. The peachy toned shades are perfect for hols.
Shampoo & Conditioner – For the love of your strands, I beg you not to use the shitty S&C your hotel provides. 90% of the time it’s terrible stuff even if it’s masquerading in a reputable brands bottle (they refill them with cheap stuff). You don’t need to take huge bottles though, get your paws on some travel sized bottles. R&CO have travel sized bottles of their AMAZING range so your hair will be healthier than before you even left!
Hair Dryer – You don’t really need a curling wand or straightener if you know how to use a hair dryer properly. VS Sassoon 3Q Compact Digital Dryer is (as the name suggests), super compact so it’s much easier to fit in your luggage than your traditional dryer. Unless you have really unruly locks, brushing while blow-drying should straighten your hair and holding pieces twirled around a brush with the heat directed on it, will curl your hair. See, I’ve just saved you space!
Essential Makeup – Let’s face it, one of the best parts of going on hols is not having to wear too much makeup! You also always get a bit of a holiday glow, which you want to show off. For basics, you just need a really light foundationthat won’t cake up on your skin and brow product, cos you know, your brow game always needs to be strong.
Beauty Bag – Pop everything in a sturdy bag like the DB Train Case so nothing leaks or squirts on your clothes.
Universal Adapter – Because some countries have weird electrical.
Sweater – Even if you’re going to the tropics, just pack one in case it gets chilly at night or there’s a weird cold change etc – rolled up, they really don’t take up much space.


Sleep Mask – For once in your life get a great nap while you’re en-route to your destination by popping a Restavit (available from Pharmacy), shoving some ear plugs in, and donning a sleep mask like this AMAZING silk version from The Goodnight Co.

Calming Mist – If you’re a nervous flyer (like my dear boyfriend), this Jurlique Calming Blend Aromatherapy Mist is a MUST. Simply spritz around you and on your sleep mask for ultimate relaxation.

Water – You get way more dehydrated when in the air so make sure you pack a big bottle of water to sip at constantly.

Book / Tablet – There’s really only so many shows or movies you can watch so make sure you bring something to read. Being an avid reader, I’ve put some great suggestions right here.

Other items you shouldn’t forget…

Deodorant (plz don’t be the stanky traveller), undies, medicine (including emergency stuff for pain, nausea etc), your toothbrush, and your phone charger.

Words by Kelly McCarren.