What To Wear To A Graduation

...and what you definitely shouldn't.

Graduation, graduation, graduation. That one day of our lives when 13 years of schooling as well as 3+ years of extra studies finally seems worthwhile. That one day when the blood, sweat and tears shed (due to endless procrastination) is finally recognised.

Yes, we all get to shake someone’s hand (who we’ve never met) and stand in alphabetical order (next to people we’ve never seen). But you really feel that bond when you look to each and every other graduate all thinking the same thing. WE F***ING DID IT!

Now, here is your ultimate guide to WTF to actually to wear to such a glorious event.

Graduation Fashion DO’s

Do Dress Corporate-Chic (If You’re A Grad)

Corporate-chic is ideal for any grad. Nothing says “I’m a boss bitch” (and trust me, that’s the vibe all graduating females are going for) more than a lady who can rock a pencil skirt or exec pants. Pair with a bodysuit and you’ll give everyone MAJOR grad outfit envy.

Do Dress Casual-Chic (If You’re A Guest)

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you grad guests who have absolutely no clue what to wear to a graduation. When it comes to your outfits, I would strive for casual-chic. What is casual-chic you ask? Basically, throw on a comfy outfit and a pair of heels and you’re done.

My reasoning here is you’re gonna be sitting down for at least a solid couple of hours. Therefore be kind to your body and pick a pair of jeans that aren’t gonna dig into your bladder and make you hit the bathroom within the first five minutes of the ceremony.

To be entirely honest, I would lean more towards stretchy or looser fitting pants if possible. A pair of culottes would be perfect with a pair of heels and a top and you’ll DEFS be the best dressed grad guest.

Do Dress for Your Shape

Something that I have learnt throughout my years is to dress for your body. If you’re anything like me and your legs are literally as long as that of an ant, than culottes probably aren’t for you. On the other hand, a maxi skirt or dress gives the impression of longer legs and will do you a lot more favours than three quarter pants would, trust me.

To all of you fortunate tall girls out there, a floral maxi dress or skirt coupled with a basic top is perfect for any occasion and would make for a bomb AF supportive GF/friend/family member outfit. 

Graduation Fashion DONT’s

Don’t Over-do It

Now I know what you’re thinking, why do I need to plan an outfit? It will be covered in a robe and hat anyway. Well ladies, you’re wrong!

A tip that I think is crucial for graduation is not to over-do it. Minimal is ideal, let that certificate do the talking. Therefore, stay away from anything extremely bedazzled. Gals, that silver, fully-sequinned, bodycon dress that you are dying to wear for the perfect occasion is NOT meant for your graduation.

Keep it classy for the ceremony and who knows, maybe you can whip it out for the afterparty

Don’t Wear SPF

Something else graduates should consider in the lead up to this marvellous occasion is make up. What most girls tend to forget about it when it comes to graduation are the joys of FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

Unless you want your face to scream ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ and your body to scream ‘I lathered myself in ultra-dark fake tan last night,’ then ladies, consider what products you are putting on your face.

If you want my advice, stay as far away from SPF as you can (I’m talking kilometres) and just keep it neutral and natural. Honestly, this make up tip should go for all grad attendees. You will be in plenty of pics with your loved one so please, think of your face.

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Words By Elizabeth Tortorici

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