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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Two Recap

21 October 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Five

It's season three, week two, and the embers are smouldering from last week’s fiery chat between Taku and Aaron. A recap: Aaron made a jokey comment about spilling over Taku’s platter for Jess. Taku told him it was poor form, but Aaron dismissed it as pure banter.

Fast forward to this week and after more tense chatter, the guys decide to make their peace. But there’s still a sense of gloom in the Villa - not helped by lashings of rain in this usually sunny paradise. A teary Ari talks to Jess and Courtney about how hard it is to see her old partner Ryan and new girl Lexy together. Her feelings for Ryan just haven’t gone away yet.

Pressure continues to mount the next day as the Islanders near their first-ever recoupling ceremony! That evening one single will be booted from the show, and with seven boys and six girls in the mix, the maths is clear - a fella will leave. This gives the girls picking power, and they start devising game plans. Lexy is reassured by Ryan that no matter what happens he only has eyes for her. She looks daisy-fresh here in our Catalina Beaded Necklace.


Catalina Beaded Necklace

The Islanders enjoy a Build Your Own Partner challenge, then it’s back to recoupling-related business. After already kinda friendzoning him, Tina tells Ronni she wants to get to know Mitch, which sends Ronni reeling. He attempts to gauge interest from Lexy and Courtney, meanwhile, Courtney susses out who’s in “Courtney camp” by talking to four of the lads.

Finally, night arrives, and the Islanders get a text - it’s time to meet at the firepit! Taku is exempt from leaving thanks to last week’s popular vote and predictably picks Jess. Rachael goes safe with Chris, Tina opts for Mitch and, in a twist, Courtney takes a chance with Ronni. 

It’s then Ari’s turn and she admits she wants to be “a little selfish”. Will she choose her former flame, Ryan? With everyone in the Villa and at home holding their breath, she picks… Aaron. She admits she still likes Ryan, but they’re not compatible - and Ryan swiftly agrees. Poor Ari yet again! The hurt is also real for Jordan who is left all alone and heading home.

While the mood was rather dim tonight, the singles looked dazzling in their ‘fits! Jess rocked a bold fuchsia lip and Showpo’s own Avery Cut Out Detail Dress. Rachael also looked white-hot in our Forrest Halter Neck Top Two Piece Set. Or if you prefer a more casual vibe, copy Tina’s oversized shirt from earlier on in the episode with our lookalike Pippa Blouse!


Avery Cut Out Detail Dress in Black


Forrest Halter Neck Top Two Piece Set in White


Forrest Halter Neck Top Two Piece Set in White


Pippa Button Up Collared Longline Blouse in Blue Stripe

Episode Six

First up we return to the scene of the nerve-fraying recoupling ceremony. Single boy Jordan has departed, and we’re left with six fresh pairs: Jess and Taku, Rachael and Chris, Tina and Mitch, Courtney and Ronni, Ari and Aaron, and Ryan and Lexy.

A still shaken Ari tells Jess and Courtney she almost picked Ryan, then “something in me switched” and she opted for Aaron. Elsewhere Tina and Mitch and Rachael and Chris all celebrate their official status, and Courtney and Ronni are just happy to have a fresh start.

Speaking of fresh starts… Jess reveals to the girls she’s unsure about Taku and still has a soft spot for Aaron. Girl what? Ari mischievously reveals this to Aaron, who is perplexed. After whispers run around the Villa, Jess finally tells Taku she’d like to get to know other people. His reply... “we smell bullshit!” Drama aside, she looks cute in our Iris Hoop Earrings.


Iris Hoop Earrings in Gold

But it’s a new day for all, the sun is out and Ronni and Mitch get a text! A new bomb is about to drop on the Villa... total babe Emily, a 23-year-old geoscience grad from Victoria. The boys meet her for a date on the beach, and both are swept away by her beauty, brains - and advanced flirting abilities. Ooh la la! And it turns out a smitten Mitch has actually slid into her DMs before IRL.

Back at the Villa, Mitch’s girl Tina and the others are stressed. Poor Tina… but she looks gorg in her yellow swimwear and the Banbe Eyewear - The Moss Sunglasses, available now with Showpo! Emily then makes her entrance and chaos erupts. By the end of the night, this cheeky brunette has charmed all the boys - with Mitch, Taku and Ryan all on her shortlist.


Banbe Eyewear - The Moss Sunglasses

The scene is set for a game of Perfect Pairs, in which the Islanders have their knowledge of their partners tested. Highlights (or lowlights) include Jess naming Ryan as the hottest guy outside of her partner (say what?) and all the girls picking Ronni as the boy they’d least like to share a bed with (ouch!). Cuties Rachael and Chris are crowned the most compatible pair.

No doubt about it, it’s getting hot in the Villa and the looks are hot to match! Emily turns heads on her first night in the Villa with an orange crop top and matching midi skirt - and you can steal her style with Showpo’s Matina Ribbed Two Piece Set in Orange. Courtney also looked dreamy in the Runaway The Label - Jodi Midi Dress, available now on Showpo.


Matina Ribbed Two Piece Set in Orange


Runaway The Label - Jodi Midi Dress

Episode Seven

Love Island viewers - prepare yourselves for a serious display of style and glamour this episode! And no, we’re not talking about resident chook Sir Chris Hensworth, although this feathery cutie might be voted the most popular contestant by viewers any day now…


Sir Chris Hensworth

Behold: a lineup of the ladies from the Villa in super hot ‘fits - all available now with Showpo! The girls certainly brought their A-game this evening, with new girl Emily dressing pretty in pink in the Jett Twist Detail Mini Two Piece, Lexy opting for orange with the Calithea Knit Dress, and Courtney looking like a snack in the emerald Oceana Asymmetrical Mini Dress.

Jess was lovely in lilac with the Can't Move On Off Shoulder Mini Dress, Tina chose sexy separates with the Blanca Top and Bonnie Pants, Ari got edgy in the Lauren Strapless Corset Bodycon Mini Dress and Rachael looked dancefloor ready in the Kaylah Cowl Dress.


Jett Twist Detail Mini Two Piece


Calithea Knit Dress in Orange


Oceana Asymmetrical Mini Dress in Emerald


Can't Move On Dress in Lilac


Blanca Top in White Satin and Bonnie Tailored Wide Leg Pants in Blue


Lauren Strapless Corset Bodycon Mini Dress in Black


Kaylah Cowl Glowmesh Dress in Silver

Pheeeew! Hawt outfits aside, cracks are starting to show big time with Jess and Taku after she revealed last ep she wants to spend more time with Aaron. Jess tells Taku she’s not keen on exclusivity, but Taku doesn’t want a love triangle. And just like that… the once super hot duo of Jess and Taku is done. Jess moves on by sharing a bed outside with Aaron.

It’s also a major episode for Rachael and Chris, who took their relationship to the next level the night before. Ten points for Gryffindor! Usually shy boy Chris then makes everyone laugh by adopting the persona of a fitness instructor called Hans in an 80s-inspired aerobics challenge. It’s not all just fun and games though, with Rachael and Chris later having a fight.

Ronni and Courtney also land in trouble after Ronni flirts with Ari, and elsewhere chemistry keeps bubbling away between Emily and Mitch. No one knows how Hurricane Emily (as Ryan calls her) will hit, and Tina and Lexy are worried. But Lexy and Ryan’s troubles soon melt away when they win a second challenge and score a night in the Love Island hideaway.

Will Chris soothe Rachael’s nerves by offering more verbal validation? Will Ryan exceed his 500 number by one? Will Chris Hensworth win the popular vote? Stay tuned to find out!

Episode Eight

Sadly, after the thrills, spills and 80s workout outfits of last episode we’re closing out week two with an hour of… crying. The previews show the Islanders turning on the waterworks, and Ryan reveals “there will be tears… there will be screams… there will be war.” Blimey.

On a sweet note Rachael and Chris commit to working through her insecurities together, and lovebirds Lexy and Ryan reveal they got to second base in the hideaway. But with another all-important Recoupling ceremony ahead that night, it’s the Mitch, Tina and Emily show this episode. This love triangle is getting twisted, with Tina worried Mitch can’t stay away from a flirty Emily, Emily wondering if Mitch will take a chance with her, and Mitch… this guy is very, very torn. He adores the funny and sexy Tina, but can’t deny the spark with sultry Emily.

In true Love Island fashion, all these bubbling tensions soon spill over in a spicy challenge. Each Islander must mount the Truth Bike (sounds scary) and ring a yes or no bell in answer to a volley of tough questions from the group. Mitch, Tina and Emily face some doozies, especially Mitch, who frustrates everyone with his indecisiveness about the two ladies. At Aaron’s devilish urging, he admits he doesn’t find his partner Tina more attractive than Emily.

Day turns to night and a feeling of doom and gloom settles upon the Villa. This being Love Island, the sexy singles still dress up to the nines and step out looking babin’. After rocking a hot bikini look earlier on, complete with a lookalike for our Vira Necklace in Gold, our girl Tina continues to slay that evening in the She.Is.Us - On Demand Top and On Demand Skirt in Emerald and the chocolate Public Desire - Flamingo Heels, all available now on Showpo.


Vira Necklace in Gold


She.Is.Us - On Demand Top and On Demand Skirt


Public Desire - Flamingo Heels

A stressed-out yet also glam Emily is looking on point too in a black midi dress with a waist cut out, plus we love Lexy’s red satin mini number with a cowl neckline. You can steal their style now with Showpo’s Sumeria Strap Detail Midi Dress and Waverly Halter Dress.



Sumeria Strap Detail Midi Dress in Black


Waverly Halter Dress With Cowl Neckline in Red

The dreaded recoupling ceremony finally arrives, and shocking no one, but still inspiring feels all round - a teary Emily chooses Mitch. With the blokes in charge, Aaron picks Jess, Chris picks Rachael, Ryan picks Lexy, Ronni picks Ari, and finally… Taku saves Tina. Courtney is left standing alone, but before the farewells get started… Sophie Monk walks in! 

An always stunning Sophie looks party ready in sparkling silver, but the mood in the Villa only lifts momentarily. Australia has voted, and gorgeous Courtney is one of the Islanders fans most want to see find love. Bless! In a surprise twist she gets to stay, but then to the sound of jaws dropping - Sophie tells us the business of the evening has only begun.

Love Island fans, how we hate but also adore a cliffhanger ending! Next week this crew of cuties searching for love will somehow drop from 13 to 12 and we’ll certainly be watching.

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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