HALP! What Should I Wear!?

14 December 2017

One week and one day. That’s how long I have till I can literally recreate this moment and say senorita to work for 2018.

I’m excited if you can’t tell. I bloody LOVE the silly season! What’s not to love!? There’s food, drinks, more food, more drinks and then the other fun stuff like family activities, time off work, parties, presents etc – BRILLIANT!

Most of the gals I know like to have a special new outfit for the important dates, and I don’t blame them (I mean, me too, duh), so I’m here with some rad ‘what to wear’ suggestions. Think about it like treating yo’self for Christmas – you’re welcome.

Work Party

If you work in a corporate environment, it’s time to show those bores in accounting just how stylish you really are. If you work somewhere where you can wear whatever TF you want, well just have fun! Perfect for frivolously dancing the night away, a playsuit is a perfect option for your work Christmas party as it’s not toooooo sexy but super cute and fun. Pair with heels and some statement earrings to finish your look.

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Christmas Lunch

Frockin’ ell, you can’t go past one of our beautiful dresses in a demure cut and pretty print to please gran. Make sure it’s on the looser side so you can fit in that extra slice ðŸŽ„😝😏 Style your hair up so you can run around with the little ones and keep your makeup nice and natural with a hint of tinted moisturiser.

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Boxing Day

I like to ensure my BD outfit isn’t too fitted around the ol’ midsection as I’m generally bloated AF from all the treats ðŸ™ˆðŸ™Š A cute and casual dress is perfect for both lounging around with a drink in tow or heading to a friends house for a BBQ.

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New Year’s Eve

Sequins and sparkles oh my! Drop all other fabrics and opt for something garishly fun. It’s one of the only nights per year you can get away with a Vegas-inspired outfit so own it. Add a bright pop of colour to your pout or sex up your peepers with a smokey eye – have fun with your makeup, you’re celebrating!

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New Year’s Day

Hopefully, you have something relaxed and fun planned for today, like a pool party or a chilled day at the beach with your squad. Two piece sets are perfect as you can layer them over your swimmers and they’re the epitome of comfy chic. Pair with sandals or espadrilles and a woven bag to complete the look.

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Words by Kelly McCarren.