10 Aussie Fashionistas You Need To Be Following In 2018

Asking me to choose my 10 favourite Instagram style influencers is like asking me to choose between my children (actually, it’s harder because I have no children – so turns out, that’s a pretty easy one).

Even narrowing the field to just “Australians” was a struggle. But while there are literally HUNDREDS of influencers we love to follow – I’ve pulled out 10 of the country’s best when it comes to killing it in the style stakes. Double taps all round…

Mimi Elashiry

The boho queen who hates to play it safe, Mimi’s free-spirited ethos spills out into her fashion choices and somehow has us wanting to copy (before going out skinny dipping under a moonlit sky while someone plays the bongos nearby. Just us?!)

These guys are too shady… 🌻🌻🌻🌸

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Sarah Ellen

This petite-sized fashionista is so adorable that we want to pick her up and pop her in our pocket… but instead, we’ll just settle on looking at her feed for style inspo cos it is 10/10.

Renee & Elisha Herbert

You know what they say about a pair of good-lookin’ twins – they come with twice the appeal. Yep…

🌹❤🍒☎️💌❣️ @tigermist

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Elle Ferguson

Tousled blonde locks and laid back styling, Elle’s beachy vibe works for all those Bondi to Byron babes (and anybody else for that matter… I just liked the sound of Bondi to Byron).

This jacket… @braveandtruelabel #braveandtruelabel #braveandtrue #sp

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Laura Jade Stone

The teeny blonde insta star is perpetually put together in an array of affordable and on-trend styles (like SHOWPO 😜) and key designer pieces.

Just being a local 😜 Wearing @showpo #showpoambassador

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Madi Edwards

We might love her for her wardrobe filled with bold hues of yellow, reds and pinks… but truth is, we mostly love her for her perennial tan, rocking bod, and perfect pout. #trewth

Yesterday🥂 @modasociety

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Cartia Mallan

Who knew that check flares, high-waisted satin yellow trousers, and sheer floral tops could look so damn good. Somehow Cartia makes the most unlikely wardrobe suspects work. You go girl.

Hannah Perera

The beach queen, Hannah’s ode to bikinis, denim, off-the-shoulder and midriffs has us wanting to do the same (except, ya know, losing 10kgs first… 💪💪)

Lion In the Wild

Hitting the streets in style, Lion In the Wild’s Kiara King knows how to intertwine fashion and travel to bring us a suitcase full of wish-list items. Gimme it all (locations included).

Dominique Elissa

The one to watch in 2018… everything about Dominique is just pure #goals. Can we just please be her…

Shooting pretty things in a pretty set for @saboskirt 🌼

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