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The 15 Signs You’ve Stayed At Your Job Too Long

01 April 2019

We’ve all been there, the Monday morning drag your body to work – wishing you were going anywhere but. You wonder how people on Instagram jobs where they ‘re paid to drink cocktails poolside in their bikini.  Meanwhile, you’re stuck trying to avoid the stench of the guy next to you on the bus who clearly didn’t shower at all last week.

You get through Monday and life seems that little bit better. But for some, every morning feels like Monday morning and no paycheck seems worth it. In short, this list has become a typical daily routine.

If this is you – then babe, it’s time to get out.

Need some more convincing? If the below is you, we’re calling it. Grab those copies of your resumé left on the photocopier and get the hell out…

  1. Your boss asks you to do something and you roll your eyes and mumble under your breath about it being beneath you.

  1. You start taking office stationery home. Who knows? Maybe you did need a third stapler in your life but probably not.

  1. You leave the job applications open on your desktop for everyone to see.

  1. Lunch hour stretches into more of the ‘lunch 2 hours’ zone.

  1. You moan to ANYONE who will listen that you are overworked and underpaid. Bonus points for sighing miserably at the end of your conversation.

  1. Sick days, compassionate leave, personal leave… you’ve used them all. You even considered getting pregnant just to qualify for maternity leave.
  2. You’re starting to be rather lavish with what constitutes a “work” taxi trip.

  1. You spend 20 minutes of your day doing your make up at your desk.

  1. Weekly staff meetings are your favourite forum for telling everyone how you wasted you were on Saturday night and how your friends carried you home.  

  1. You start cracking open Friday drinks at your desk at 11am each Friday.

  1. You forward all emails requiring actual work to your boss with a quick note saying, “think this one’s for you…”.

  1. An 8-hour working day includes 3 hours of online shopping, 1 hour of Instagram scrolling, and 4 hours of work.

  1. You blatantly take credit for everyone else’s work unless they’re actually standing right beside you – in which case you make big talk about team efforts.

  1. You book a 3 month holiday and threaten to quit unless your boss lets you go.

  1. Deadlines are a thing of the past. You legit can’t remember the last time you actually made one.
Yelena Fairfax