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I Tried Body Sculpting To Freeze Fat

26 June 2018

Here comes another body treatment promising infinite results. They usually seem too good to be true, which is sometimes fact, sometimes fiction.

In the case of the new buzzy non-surgical fat loss treatment known casually as body contouring/cool sculpting/body sculpting/fat freezing (or medically referred to as cryolipolysis), this could be one that actually does give you slimming results.

Now that you’re interested in trying it, it’s always good to know exactly what goes down during a session. Well I tried it first hand just so you could find out everything you need to know before going in.

So what the hell is body sculpting anyway?

Body contouring is an external (meaning no one is cutting you open, yikes that would be terrifying!) treatment that freezes pockets of stubborn fat. Using a hi-tech machine that is essentially a robot (yes, it speaks!), roughly 30% of your fat cells will be “killed” after 1 hour.

It’s garnering popularity recently since receiving wow reviews and is expected to be one of those most sought after treatments in the next year. Dubbed as the alternative to liposuction, I was game to try it after the initial sell.

Why would you try it?

Well I can answer this by defining who is the right candidate for body contouring. Are you someone who eats relatively well, exercises regularly but still can’t shift that cute lil’ belly or pesky underarm or cushy love handles? Then, ding ding, this could be worth trying.

Unfortunately, it’s not ideal for anyone who is very overweight. But some clinics can still guide you on weight loss (with on-site nutritionists) journey until you’re at a weight where your stubborn fat is treatable.

But how does it work from the outside?

Great question! The machine uses a suction nozzle that latches onto the area you wish to treat. It sucks the fat up, holding it in and then freezing the area to -11. Most of your fat cells don’t stand a chance against this sub-zero temperature and so they are liquefied then slowly excreted through your liver.

What can you expect when you go into a salon

I visited Body Catalyst in Melbourne (who have 5 clinics across Sydney and Melbourne). It should go without saying that you want to choose a reputable clinic with good word of mouth. I can vouch that Body Catalyst is one of those.

The ladies are the utmost professional and you immediately know you’re in very safe hands. In your initial consultation they will devise a bespoke plan for you. Please note, that you should never try something like without a consultation first or seeing your doctor.

Fast forward to a week after my consultation, I had my treatment on my lower stomach. It’s recommended that you steer clear of alcohol and coffee before and after the treatment so that the fat leaving your body isn’t blocked because it’s trying to burn through champagne and lattes.

Anyway, once you’re lying down on the bed, the machine is affixed to your body and then you can play on your phone, zen out, read mags. Whatever.

Does it hurt?

The old adage is true, no pain no gain. Capisce? But look, it’s not actually painful. You might be sensitive to the initial grab when the machine sucks in your skin but then the area turns numb.

I felt the most discomfort at the end when they removed the suction hose and a wave of nausea overcame me. The team explained this was because the area had been numbed and now the blood was rushing back. It only lasted 3 minutes, and I paced around the room until I felt better.

That’s the other upside about body contouring, there’s virtually no downtime, in fact you can fit it into your lunch break.

What happened after?

After my nausea, I drove home, continued to scull water (to facilitate the elimination process). I will disclose, that I went to the bathroom a lot more than usual that afternoon, which is reported as normal. This was actually a pleasant surprise because you feel much lighter immediately (you know what I’m talking about here).

But when will I see results?

Put simply, it can take up 12 weeks for you to notice visible results however I’ve spoken to other beauty editor friends who said they felt leaner in their problems areas after a month. You will get the best results if you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle (ie. Minimal drinking, moderate exercise).

So how much money do you have to fork out?

For a treatment that claims to work after only 1 session, it’s relatively cost effective. And because it’s a new trend, many clinics offer 50% off your first appointment. Prices start from roughly $599 depending where you go.

Words by Jennifer Aitken