Our Vision & Strategy


Inspiring girls to stand out, make their mark, and have fun.

Company Values

Think Big
Get Shit Done
Have Fun

Pillars Of Strategy

Profitable Growth
Customer Centric
Build The Brand
Love What We Do
Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide the most fun, exciting and entertaining shopping experience for the Showpo customer.

Our Company Culture & Values

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We’re looking for people who know how to think big, because we’ve got big plans to grow.

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We want people who know how to get shit done. People who can walk the walk, and roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to get the job done

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And we want people who know how to have fun. We spend half our waking hours at work, so we want people that are great to work with.

Awards & Achievements

Showpo wins at Orias
Orias Badge
  • Online Retailer of the Year - Online Retailer Industry Award 2018
  • Best International Conqueror - Online Retailer Industry Award 2018
  • Best Social Commerce Initiative - Online Retailer Industry Award 2017 & 2018
  • Best Site Optimisation & Design Initiative - Online Retailer Industry Award 2017 & 2018
  • #5 in Power Retail - Top 100 Retailers 2018
  • Top Social Retailer - Power Retail 2018
  • Excellence in International Fulfillment - Retail Fulfilment Awards 2018
  • Women in International Business - Premier’s Export Award 2017

Available Jobs

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Our Team


Aiming to remain one step ahead of the pack- we thrive on the latest trends and are constantly striving to put our own original Showpo spin on it.


The company all rounder, we are one part art and one part mathematics. We know our numbers and we know our style. Commonly mistaken for spending the whole day shopping we actually spend more time looking at what made our last best seller and striving to make it better. We source the latest fabrics and styles from around the globe to keep our product fresh and cohesive with the design team.


The beauty queens of the company in a sense. We know what looks good and how to dress up the site for any occasion. Its our business to know what makes people tick and what entices them in. We are the glue that brings buying and design together to make The Product Team.


The 'fun team'! Here to make all the ideas and vision of the company come true in the most exciting way possible. We create all the 'pretty pictures' begining with content creation and shoot management then its up to our talented graphic designers to turn this into the magic you see everywhere!


Marketing is the engine that drives this machine! We work closely with the creative team and other teams to make sure we have the right customer insights, strategy, data, and execution to keep Showpo growing.


If you're reading this you've probably seen Showpo's content already! We are a lean, mean, content producing machine. Our secret sauce is examining the data behind the content. If you love Excel as much as creating the most exciting and fun content, we wanna hear from you!

Social Media

Showpo grew from its humble origins by nailing social media. It remains a core competency of what makes us the company we are today.


Being a pure online retailer means our technology stack is the bedrock that everything is built upon. We are always looking to embrace the latest methodologies, technologies and processes to ensure we remain agile and flexible in a fast moving and competitive technological landscape!

Data and Finance

Technology has reached a place where data-driven retailers can deploy cutting-edge analytics to achieve key business & financial objectives. The scope to make an impact in this team is massive!


Showpo needs to keep ticking along, and the Operations Team play an important part in the engine room. We work hard on improving processes, managing payments, protecting our customers against fraud, and helping move our amazing products all over the world!

Customer Happiness

We wouldn't be here without our customers, so this team has one goal: keep our customers happy! We're bright and bubbly on the phone, replying to your emails and sending you emoji's over live chat, drop us a line anytime!


We leave no order behind! The Showpo Warehouse Team goes the extra mile for our customers, using modern warehouse technology to help our staff, and to ensure we provide the best end-to-end experience when you shop with Showpo.

People and culture

A team is only as strong as the people who are in it! The People & Culture team ensure that we attract, develop, and retain the best in industry. In doing so, they create an engaging workplace, inspiring people to do their best work.