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Sounds great, but what is it?

Want to wear that cute AF party dress or hot new shoes for the event you’ve got coming up, BUT…the ol’ purse strings are just a litte tight at the moment *sigh*?

Imagine being able to shop your favourite women’s fashion now and not pay the full amount upfront. Surely there must be a catch? No gimmicks, just an awesome payment option for when you want something NOW rather than later.

Afterpay makes things easier on your wallet by breaking up your payment into 4 installments charged every 2 weeks. Best of all, it’s Interest free with no added fees, so you get a guilt free shopping experience and receive your order immediately! Shopping for new clothes has never been easier. Afterpay is now available in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

I want that hot AF dress! How does it work?

Don’t feel guilty for buying that hot new dress anymore babe, Showpo and Afterpay have you covered! Here’s how to buy it now and pay for it later with Afterpay.

Step 1 Image

Step 1

Select Afterpay as your payment method at the checkout

Step 2 Image

Step 2

Receive your purchase and enjoy!

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Step 3

Pay 4 equal installments every 2 weeks

For example...

The hot AF dress you want
1x $55.00 OR 4x $13.75
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Most Common Questions

How do Instalments work?

Your first instalment is charged at the time of purchase, so make sure you have 25% of the total order value on your card when you check out!

At the time of purchase you’ll receive a full payment schedule, with the next three instalments due every 14 days.

What do I need to be eligible for Afterpay?

You need to live in Australia, be over 18 years old, and own a debit or credit card - THAT'S IT!

What happens if I don’t have the cash at payment time?

If you fail to make a payment at any time, you'll be charged a $10 late payment fee by Afterpay with a further $7 late payment fee one week later if the payment is still unpaid.

Afterpay always reserve the right to approve or disapprove a purchase. For example, If there is an overdue payment on your Afterpay account, Afterpay will not be available to you when attempting to purchase an item.

When you order with Afterpay for the first time, please ensure you have 25% of the total order value in your account. If you make an application without 25% of the total order value, Afterpay reserve the right to decline your order and application.

If you return an item purchased through Afterpay, we will deposit store credit into your Showpo account. Please note, your personal agreement with Afterpay will still stand and you will continue to pay any scheduled repayments.

All the Afterpay terms and conditions are here.